E-Stim Python
E-Stim Python

The E-Stim Python is an electro-compression device from E-Stim systems deisgned specifically to squash and apply a stimulating electric current to a man’s testicles. Not for everyone I’ll grant you but a cutting edge piece of BDSM kit if you’re in to electro-stimulation.

The Python consists of a black plastic base plate with two flat metal contacts and three threaded bars protruding from it, onto which you can screw-down a clear plastic cover. The black base plate includes a hole at the top which creates a yoke for your cock to be inserted into.

So, how do you wear this instrument of hi-tech torture? That was a question that seemed obvious until Suze tried to attach it to my cock and balls. The yoke has an internal diameter of 50mm which is fine until you try and insert you cock and balls through it. In my case even getting more than one testicle through the hole was impossible and getting my penis through too … not a chance.

The reason it would be preferable to get your bits and pieces through the base plate from the rear is that then you can see your balls being squeezed through the clear acrylic cover plate, and the weight of the device would then be supported on the base of your penis. No matter, we can still test this baby just inverted and laying down. Necessity is of course the mother of invention.

With a little bit of manipulation and jiggling we found that the best way to put the device on was to do so standing up so that gravity took care of my balls dropping between the two plates. You can then tighten the three screws until your balls are firmly sandwiched between the two plastic plates and in firm contact with the conductors on the baseplate.

You can then connect the electrostimulation box of your choice via the two banana connectors, one on each side of the plate. You can if necessary apply a conductive gel to your testicles to help with the conduction of the stimulating flow of electricity, though I found that wasn’t necessary. Suze took the helm and with some tentative twists of the control on an E-Stim control box she slowly ramped up the power output.

I have to point out that we enjoy BDSM play but would never class ourselves as hardcore bondage enthusiasts, for us it’s about sensation, fun and experimentation. So while my balls were firmly pressed by the plates using the three knurled knobs on their threaded rods I was in no way in danger of turning my testicles into a pair of blini shaped bollocks.

Suze tweaked and twiddled, finding the point at which I could feel the sensations and the level at which I felt the stimulation pass out of the pleasure zone and into a place we didn’t want to be. Boundaries, that’s what this sort of play is about for us. By the end of this experimentation I was semi-erect, partly because of the thoughts of what was to come next and partly because of the novelty of this device.

The E-Stim Python electro-compression device is the next logical step for anyone wanting to combine ball play and electro-stim in an inventive and practical way. The E-Stim Python is as you would expect from E-Stim solidly build and practical too. It disassembles easily for cleaning and reassembles quickly. Buy a python and you’ll be using it with your lover for years in, I have no doubt innumerable cruel and mutually enjoyable ways.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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