Charging Chester Estim Realistic Dildo
Charging Chester Estim Realistic Dildo

Mystim have been working hard over the past few years to develop a range of products which hold appeal to all levels of sex toy user.  Charging Chester (I can’t help thinking of Charlie Chester. Lol)  is just one of them.  He has the ability to please as a thick girthed silicone dildo with cut out handle for ease of use and controllability.

He also offers a little bit more for those who enjoy the buzz afforded by E-stim products.  For those who have never heard of E-stim or electrostim, it’s the technique of applying a small electrical current via your sex toy to enhance your pleasure.

The Mystim Charging Chester is smooth and flexible and can be used vaginally or anally with or without E-stim.  You simply attach a couple of leads from the Charging Chester dildo to their electro-stimulating control box and you are “Electrostim enabled” so to speak.

Before electing to use Mystim Charging Chester in E-stim mode ensure you read the Instruction Manual which advises these products should not be used with certain medical conditions.  And the manual for Charging Chester can be read without the aid of a magnifying glass.  Always a good thing.  lol

Charging Chester is presented in a stylish, cellophane panelled box so you can see the contents before you buy.  The one side of the box offers bullet points on the contents and the other displays further products in the range.  On the rear of the box is a condensed product reference excerpt.

So what does our man Chester have to offer the ladies?

  • He is smooth with a flexible shaft for comfort and targeted play.
  • Has a nickel free chrome plated (which I appreciate being allergic to nickel) handle for a secure grip, especially when you are lubed up.  😉
  • Offers a phallically shaped shaft and tip for easy insertion.
  • Can be used as a silicone dildo or an electrostim device for added pleasure.
  • Once attached to a compatible electro-stimulating device you can control your sensations with the control panel.
  • With a length of 23cm, 16cm of which I’d class as insertable & a maximum diameter of 4cm just at the corona of the glans of this silicone penis he is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Is easily cleansed with anti bac soap and water.

As darkness descended on the bedroom I slipped under the duvet, clutching Charging Chester who was now freshly cleaned ready for my pleasure.  😉

I opted to use Charging Chester manually as a dildo because, let’s face it, if he can satisfy this girl with no bells and whistles then he will rock my world when couple up to an E-stim device.

A look at the girth of the shaft immediately told me that I would most probably require a little lube.  He’s quite well endowed.  Lol

Using a little from the sachet provided by Mystim I parted my legs awaiting penetration.  And yes I felt him enter me as my labia closed around his head and the shaft eased its way towards my g-spot.

This guy certainly doesn’t leave you wanting in the size department.

Once he came to rest against my g-spot I hooked my middle finger and the two others (yes, I did count right. Lol) in to the hooped handle.  He wasn’t going anywhere I didn’t want him to.

I pulled back gently on the handle enjoying the “pop” afforded by my labia as they closed shut behind him.  After repeating and enjoying the sensation a few times I started to get down and dirty with the Mystim Charging Chester.

Feeling the pronounced head move in and out of me had me hooked, quite literally.  Me and Chester were made for each other and my body was succumbing to his ministrations.  I tilted my pelvic girdle to enhance the g-spot contact and was soon twitching and pulsing, heart racing.


Charging Chester Dildo Summary

If you are a seasoned dildo user or simply like to be “filled” then the Mystim Charging Chester is the one for you.  I can’t wait to see how he performs with E-stim backup now!

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.