Twisting Tom Quattro
Twisting Tom Quattro

The Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy is quite a mouthful, but it you’re feeling it tickling your tonsils you are definitely using it incorrectly! This is a silicone electrosex toy designed for anal use, specifically for anal use by guys. Sorry girls this electrosex butt plug is shaped internally to press against a guy’s P Spot and externally to excite the perineum just behind his scrotum.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy using it on him and I’m sure a lot of you will enjoy doing that, but he’s the one who will be wearing it, even if you’re holding the control box. And you will need a control box to generate the electrical pulses for the Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy. We reviewed the MyStim Tension Lover control box here.

The Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy is a relatively simple toy in appearance, looking very much like a lower case Greek letter Tau(τ) in profile. There are two pairs of holes on the base for the two separate channels of your MyStim tension Lover control/generator box to connect to. If you want to use both pairs at the same time you’ll need to make sure you have two sets of leads. So now you know why this is called the Quattro-Bipolar, four connections two bipolar circuits. Of course your own body completes the circuit in this type of toy so while, like me you’ll probably connect one lead to the internal electrodes and the other to those for perineal stimulation there’s no reason you couldn’t connect laterally and feel the stimulation from inside out. Maybe one to try for next time …

So the feature list:

  • Made from seamless high quality silicone.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quite substantial with an insertable length of around 13cm and a maximum diameter of nearly 30mm.
  • Four separate electrodes for fun in all sorts of combinations.
  • Sturdily built so should last a long time

Anyway, how did it perform? Well, of course this sort of toy needs plenty of water based lube and even with that applied insertion for me was a matter of patience and relaxation. The P Spot curve on the Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy, while very effective when finally in place made the maximum effective diameter larger than I’m used to when it was being inserted. The tip and shaft are much thinner making sure this toy stays in place while you move around.

Externally I found the stimulation wasn’t as effective as I’d liked, mainly because I had to manoeuvre myself to ensure the Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy stayed in contact with my perineum. When it didn’t the sensation was lost and siting on it was the best way to ensure constant stimulation externally.

Internally was a different matter with the Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy providing deep and intense stimulating pulses that felt like Suze was begging me with her strap-on with every cycle of the selected pulsing program. Because it’s your own muscles contracting that give you this feeling the P Spot stimulator massages your prostate with every pulse.

Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy Summary

I have to say this is the most effective anal electrosex device I’ve used. The biggest disappointment was the ineffectiveness of the perineal stimulator, however I think this is due to the shape of my anatomy as we’re all a slightly different shape so it may or may not work for you. The Twisting Tom Quattro-Bipolar Electrosex Toy has to be highly recommended if you want to experiment with anal electrosex play.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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