Mystim Tension Lover
Mystim Tension Lover

The MyStim Tension Lover is the electrical stimulation control box that sits at the heart of the range of Mystim electro-sex products. With the exception of the Mystim sex toys that generate their own electrical stimulation you’ll need one of these to power your collection of Mystim adult stimulation devices.

You’ll find the Tension Lover in a very practical plastic case wrapped in an easily removable cardboard slip cover. The cover gives all the marketing blurb, including illustrations of some of the other products in the Mystim range, useful when on sale in a retail outlet but not so much when you get it home. Discarding this sleeve leaves you with an innocuous looking black box whose only clue as to what is inside is the Mystim logo and name in one corner.

Inside the case is a high density foam insert cut to fit the contents:

  • The Tension Lover stimulation generator
  • Two sets of leads, one for each of the Tension Lover’s channels
  • Four self-adhesive electrodes which can be used more than once if you keep them free from dirt
  • An instruction manual
  • And perhaps most importantly a 9 volt battery so you can start using the Mystim Tension Lover straight away

The instruction manual is very detailed and is multilingual. It’s important that you read it thoroughly both to get the best from your new Mystim Tension Lover and so you use it safely. Using this device is going to be fun but taking note of the instructions will ensure you don’t do anything that might injure you. In essence – don’t use any device like this if you’re pregnant, have a heart condition or in a way that would pass a current through your brain or heart. Read the manual and consult your doctor if in any doubt.

Two things betray this product’s origin as a medical product, first the inclusion of a timer in the control unit. TENS machines used for the treatment of muscle and nerve pains use this feature. Secondly the thoroughness of the medical information within the manual, even the devotion of section 9 of the manual to the use of the Mystim Tension Lover as a means to ease pain. So that you can utilise the Mystim Tension Lover for this while moving about, the control box has a clip on the back so it can be slipped on a belt or waistband.

When you turn on either or both of the knurled knobs at the top of the Mystim Tension Lover you’ll find four main settings displayed:

  • Mode – explained in the manual, but fundamentally the type and pattern of stimulation
  • Time – between 10 and 60 minutes
  • Width – the duration of the pulses between 50µs and 260µs (0.05 to 0.26 seconds)
  • Frequency – between 1hz and 160hz (1 per second to 160 times per second)

The strength of the pulses is controlled by the knurled knobs so each channel’s strength is controlled individually and in a way that’s intuitive. Unlike the other settings that require you to look at the screen when you wish to make adjustments, a rotating control like this is intuitive and can be operated by touch alone.

Mystim Tension Lover Summary

This is a quality product, well built and presented. Its storage box and appearance are not that of a sex toy. This means that on its own you can use the Mystim Tension Lover as a TENS device if you wish and not worry about adult/sex toy branding soliciting weird looks from people when you’re using it. However as mentioned this is also part of a range of electro-sex/electro-stimulation products aimed at the adult market. Look out for reviews of the other products in this range over the coming weeks.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.