Jopen Vanity Vr8 Vibrator
Jopen Vanity Vr8 Vibrator

The packaging of the Vanity Vr8 certainly isn’t worthy of note although it is functional and totally recyclable for all of us out there with a green conscience. The Vanity Vr8 arrived in a lightweight white cardboard box with the Vanity logo on the front and an image of the product complete with bullet points on the rear.

Inside the Vanity Vr8 is presented in a lightweight white card retainer.  I lifted out both the card retainer and the vibrator in my pursuit of the charger and instruction manual.  Neither were there which threw me in to a state of panic.

How was I supposed to charge the vibrator for testing and review?

And secondly it would be nice to read how the Vanity Vr8 functions but I have years of experience in vibrator operation so I’m sure I will figure it out. Lol

Not a good start.  I suppose it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the supplier of the product assumed I already had a charger as I review so many products.

I didn’t, this being the first rechargeable Jopen vibrator I have reviewed.  Whoops!

Determined not to give up on the possibility of play with the Vanity Vr8 I searched my charger box for a compatible charger.  Several leads in I found one which appeared to fit but the acid test would be if the vibrator light up when plugged in.

As I pushed the plug in to the wall I held my breath in anticipation…

…a breathed a sigh of relief as a red light illuminated in the shaft just above the charging point.  I assumed that this would go out once charged and it did.  Phew!

So let’s get this show on the road.  What does the Vanity Vr8 do it sounds like it would be one hell of a powerful car.  😉

  • Is Ergonomically shaped and moulded from seamless satin touch silicone.
  • Has independently controlled dual motors to ensure that vibrations hit all you sweet spots or simply use the motor in the tip when using as a clitoral vibrator.  A great feature.
  • Can be used discreetly as it’s very quiet in operation.
  • Operates via a two button interface.  Hold down the button to increase the speed and press once to power off.
  • Is 100% waterproof for trouble free bathroom fun.
  • Has a good sound to power ratio so you won’t be waking the kids.
  • With an overall length of 20cm with a tip 3cm in diameter

So come join me in my boudoir.

Despite the lovely sunshine outside it’s not too warm so let’s snuggle under the duvet.  I’ll slip out of these clothes whilst you pull the curtains.  We don’t want to give a show to the neighbours, for one they won’t pay and two, they would probably have a coronary.  Lol

Right, you keep to your side and I’ll keep to mine.

The Vanity vibrator felt cold and lifeless as I placed it between my warm thighs in preparation for play.

Do you know any good jokes?

No scrub that.  🙂

Do you have a cold, your breathing is very noticeable?

Oh, you are just excited to up close and personal watching me play.  Naughty!

I decided to enjoy the tease of clitoral stimulation before plunging my depths.  Pressing and holding the top button fired the tip of the Vanity V8 in to action and the long handle enabled me to apply the vibrator to my clit without having to reach round.  A comfortable position as I found I could lay my hand down on my hip.

The vibrations were enjoyable but not quite at the resonance which works for me.  I prefer a deep throbbing vibration rather than the higher pitched ones.

Aware I was already moist I pushed the slim head of the vibrator in to my opening.  The stiff shaft of the vibrator ensured that I was aware of its smooth passage inside me.  Then it came to rest right over my g-spot with the tip against my clitoris.

It fitted me perfectly giving me that “lock & load” sensation of maintaining itself inside without hands.  The buzzing inside me felt good and now I deployed the second motor which began to vibrate in deep waves against my clitoris.

The two motors felt good as my pussy started to swell holding the V8 even firmer in my grip and my clitoris engorged with blood.  A slight movement from side to side with my middle finger is all it took to bring me off.

Jopen have weighted these two engines just right, the only caveat being that it would be good to have the deep thrum of the external vibration at both ends.  Perhaps that’s just a personal thing but it would have made the experience even more intensely orgasmic for me.

This vibrator is one for all, it offers a totally configurable experience without being challenging in size.  So go enjoy.  😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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