Adrien Lastic 2
Adrien Lastic 2

Here I go again, talking about the quality and image of the packaging from Adrien Lastic, I know I’m becoming repetitive when it comes to my enthusiasm for their finesse which carries through to their innovative products.

The external sleeve of the 2 is in true Adrien Lastic style clean and crisp with a white box with image of the contents embellishing the front and bullet points pertaining to the product on the rear.

Once removed, the pink internal packaging reveals a tantalising glimpse of your new toy via the cellophane cut-outs in the box.

Presented within the internal box is the “2” nuzzled in a clear plastic housing, the user manual which in this case was absent, the USB charging lead and the LAS remote complete with battery and a spare!  How thoughtful of them to supply an additional battery so the fun can go on and on.  😉

This toy is truly one on its own, I have never seen anything like it.  The closest I’ve seen is the Pico Bong Mahona which doesn’t have the versatility of use the 2 inspires and certainly doesn’t have the size.  😉

As I removed the 2 from the security of its lair I’m amazed at just how flexible the lead is between the 2 ends of this vibrator.  I totally expected some rigidity, instead there is a soft silicone linkage which will surely aid use and experimentation of the 2 increasing the opportunity for fun.

And I couldn’t wait…

After a quick wash with anti-bac soap I looked for a mains plug which works with the USB lead to provide mains charging for EU plugs instead of the 2 pin one.

I’m not sure how long this will take because of the lack of manual but whilst it’s charging let’s take a look at what the 2 has to offer.

  • Offers 10 vibration modes.
  • Is waterproof for use in the wettest room in the house not just your bedroom.  😉
  • Has two powerful motors mounted in the bullet shaped tips.
  • Operates via the LAS remote control supplied with the product.
  • Is dual ended for endless permutations and exciting experimentation.
  • Can be used discreetly as it is whisper quiet when in use.
  • With an overall length of 21” with ends offering a diameter of just under an inch and 1.5”.

I had the perfect game plan in my head as I walked in to the bedroom and pulled the curtains too on another cold a dreary day.  Retiring to bedroom to beat the Winter blues seems like the perfect plan.

The duvet was cold as I slipped under it but would soon warm with my body heat, as would my 2 especially as I had placed it between my thighs.  🙂

I recovered the tube of lube from my bedside cabinet and applied a drop to the larger of the bullets, experience told me that that end wasn’t going anywhere without lubricant.  The circumference of the larger bullet shaped vibe is quite substantial.

But before inserting the bullet I had to pair up the remote.  You need to press and hold the button on the vibrator until it lights up and vibrates once when it is activated.  A suggestion I would make is that the On button is more distinctive (raised) and positive when pressed.

Once the tip was lubricated I placed my heels together, knees resting on the bed and slipped the tip of the bullet between my pussy lips and in to my opening which was now swollen in anticipation.

The bullet slipped inside me stretching me slightly as it glided into my vaginal opening and deep inside me.  The nodes on the bullet help keep it in place but once inside you find your vaginal muscles help retain it there.

Now all that remains is where to insert the smaller bullet.  I opted to work it on my clitoris, not being much of an anal girl.  However, it would work perfectly well there too as there is plenty of lead between the two vibrators.

I pressed the On button on the remote, followed by the + button to move through the modes.  The larger bullet was making me feel full whilst the smaller one was working wonders on my clitoris.

Adding a few circular movements soon had my PC muscles bearing down on the internal bullet.  That’s the thing with the Adrien Lastic 2, the flexible connection between both bullets allows so much movement and flexibility without inhibiting play.

It didn’t take me long to reach my tipping point as I locked toes and arched my back as sweet release took me over.

Purely because of the substantial size of the largest bullet I would recommend this product to intermediate to professional toy users but if you aren’t quite there yet it’s a toy to aim for.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.