Revive Rabbit Vibrator From Blush Novelties
Revive Rabbit Vibrator From Blush Novelties

The Revive Rabbit is present in an excellent sturdy, thick glossy card, magnetic clipped box with a full size image of the product on the front.  On the rear are a set of bullet points regarding the product.

Once the box is opened via the magnetically fastened clip on the side the contents are revealed the outer sleeve opens complete with an image of an attractive model.

Everything looks good up to the point you notice the Revive Rabbit encased in a rather an unflattering plastic case housing a clear plastic mount in which the vibrator is housed in stark contrast to the luxurious outer packaging. It would have been more in keeping with the product’s image to have mounted the Revive Rabbit in a box lined with matching orange or purple satin.

A small niggle but all the same it’s such a shame that the finish wasn’t as good as the start.

Within the clear plastic sarcophagus you will find a box housing the an AC adaptor and a USB lead, user manual which I’m pleased to say is legible without the aid of a magnifying device and a suede effect drawstring storage pouch which feels to be of good quality.

The Revive Rabbit feels good to hold made of soft satin touch silicone with silver band it demands to be stroked before being fed carrots or should I say pussy.  Lol

But before he can work his magic on me he needs a quick charge and you my dear reader can digest the RR’s points of interest.

  • Is fully rechargeable via the AC adaptor supplied or the USB lead.
  • The dual button control panel gives access to 7 vibration modes and an independent On/Off control for quick termination.
  • Powered by 2 motors, one in the base of the shaft and the other in the rabbit stimulator.
  • Is waterproof for use in both the bedroom and bathroom.
  • The ergonomic shape comfortable and easy to use.
  • A 2 hour charge will provide up to 50 minutes of play time.  🙂
  • Has an insertable length of 10cm with a circumference of 11.5cm.

Whilst charging the Revive Rabbit’s On/Off & Mode buttons continually flash and go out when the vibe is fully charged.

A quick wash and the RR was ready for action, Alex watched from the office as we both disappeared in to the bedroom for a little afternoon delight.  Well what else is a girl to do on these dark, dull days.  😉

Moments later both the Revive Rabbit and me were snuggled under the duvet.

After running my finger between my pussy lips and discovering that I wasn’t very moist I reached in to my draw and pulled out my favourite water based lube and applied a small blob to the tip.  A girl sometimes needs a little assistance don’t you know.  Lol

I pulled the duvet back and assumed the position…soles of feet together and knees bent and resting on the mattress.  This makes for ease of access and ensures that you don’t get lube on the duvet or your thighs.

The tip parted my outer lips and was soon nuzzled inside my vaginal opening and slipping inside me with ease.  I felt comfortably full as the bunny ears nuzzled against my now flushed and eager clitoris.

I found that the ears had a tendency to fold over again once outstretched so I added a backward tilt to amplify the contact with my pink bud.  We were now ready to check out the buzz.

A quick press of the On/Off button started the RR up in constant mode, another press upped the speed and it was at just the right frequency to gain my interest.  I could sense that this would soon have me quivering with pleasure so I moved on through the settings, sampling everything the Blush Revive Rabbit had to give.

Moments later I found a delicious rotational vibration setting which moved between the two motors with change of speed and frequency.  Hmmmmm…

Several presses of the mode button had me back at the faster constant speed which was engrossing in itself but I wanted to step up the action and added a side to side motion.

Well, that was it…

I started to twitch and arch my back, a sure sign sweet release was heading my way.  A few more side to sides and I was on the brink.  Uncontrollably I shouted out not once but twice.  My clitoris was so sensitive now that I attempted to remove the vibrator from inside me and in doing so brought about another more intense orgasm.

It was intense that I almost found it uncomfortably so.  This one’s a keeper.  😉

This vibrator is a good all rounder, not too challenging girth wise and offering multiple modes of vibration so you are sure to find one which presses all your buttons.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.