Lady Lager Masturbator
Lady Lager Masturbator

I have a sneaky suspicion this masturbator review is going to be fun. I mean I don’t like entering into this sort of thing with any preconceptions but the male masturbator’s sister product the Succu Dry masturbator is really excellent and remains one of my favourite masturbation toys.

Here’s what you get when you buy the Lady Lager masturbator:

  • An easy to store and transport male masturbator in a hard plastic shell
  • Compact but effective
  • A skin-line insert that is soft to the touch and internally moulded to stimulate and massage your penis during use
  • A sex toy that is easy to clean, splitting as it does into four pieces to facilitate thorough cleaning and drying.
  • A sucking action that is easily controllable by twisting the screw-on base

With the toy you will get one sachet of water based lubricant which is essential for you to enjoy this sex toy as trying to stick yourself inside it without lube is not going to be pleasant. So if you buy a Lady Lager Masturbator then make sure you also buy plenty of water based lubricant at the same time.

Down to business. I washed the Lady Larger before use, always good practice however the manufacturers don’t recommend you use soap, just water and if you feel it’s appropriate some isopropyl alcohol. Using detergents can damage the surface of the “SuperSkin” material from which the soft innards of the masturbator are moulded.

As well as containing care instructions the paper insert inside the cylindrical plastic packaging of the Fleshlight Lady Lager also recommends you warm the insert in warm water before use, shake off the excess water then fit the insert into the hard case for a more realistically warm sensation. Slacken off the base of the product to the desired point to give optimal suction and with your water based lubricant applied enjoy yourself.

I found the Lady Lager accommodating and pleasant to use with a ribbed and gripping internal shape that felt comfortable to use. In common with any masturbator using the base to control suction (as with all Fleshlights) they can generate a bit of noise both through air whistling through the holes and rattling of the base. Adjustment of the base and a carefully placed finger will stop both of these noises leaving only the sucking and slurping sounds which occasionally emanate from the Lady Lager Masturbator.

The Lady Lager is easily grasped in a male or female hand so if your partner wants to join in the fun they can. And of course when they are not around this makes a great way to add new sensations and variety to your masturbation.

The Lady Lager is more akin in the way it feels to the full sized Fleshlight models than the Succu Dry but in the same compact form as the latter – the whole package measuring a mere 7cm x 20cm.

Would I buy the Lady Lager Masturbator? That depends what you want and the sort of stimulation you like best – for suction the Lady Lager is great and almost as good as a Fleshlight with a Lotus insert but if you prefer more of your stimulation to come from gentle rubbing then the Succu Dry is a better option. They are both excellent products but different in the way they deliver pleasure.



By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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