Key Pyxis From Jopen
Key Pyxis From Jopen

Jopen always present their products in minimal but classy packaging and the Pyxis is no exception.  The outer branding is in their trademark purple and black with white lettering…Our Little Secret, apparently.

The outer sheath features an image a little larger than life size of the product along with the Jopen Key logo on the front whilst the rear lists the features of the Pyxis in legible sized text.  Hooray!  Lol

Once removed the outer sleeve reveals the hollow book packaging which houses the Pyxis vibrator mounted in a black, suede effect finished mount.  Below which are secreted the Pyxis instructional manual and warranty which I could read with my glasses.  J  And let’s not forget the black satin drawstring storage pouch.

With tech in mind the Key Pyxis comes complete with USB charging lead but fortunately for me I already had a USB to UK plug which I could use for added flexibility.  Obviously Jopen don’t include the charger to keep weight and costs down.

When plugged in there is a constant purple light while charging is in process, once charged this goes off completely.

I was surprised by the Key Pyxis’ size, most finger vibes I have experienced tend to be made for the petite lady.  This one was very accommodating, I’m 6.5 ½” in height and fitted me with ample room, so I’m confident that it would fit a much taller lady or their partner.  J

It also fitted my thumb despite my intentions to sport it on my middle finger for that additional reach.

But before I go finger myself, ooh kinky!  I’m sure you want to know what the Key Pyxis has to offer:

  • Is fully rechargeable using the USB cable provided.
  • Offers fully waterproof bathtime fun.  😉
  • Can be used for 1.5 hours to 2 hours when fully charged.
  • With 5 x vibratory patterns your every wish is sure to be fulfilled.
  • Has an average charging time of 2 hours.
  • Delivers medium range vibrations and noise levels.
  • Can be worn by all with its flexible fit shape and material.  I have large fingers and the size fitted me perfectly.

So now I’m intrigued as to how the Pyxis is going to perform in the bedroom.  Especially as I haven’t indulged in finger play in a long while.  😉

One moment whilst I slip off to the bathroom to cleanse her…

Now she was ready to do my bidding and I was certainly ready for her.

I pulled those familiar bedroom curtains to and slipped under the duvet in familiar style these Winter days

The Jopen Pyxis Massager slipped on to my middle right finger with ease, not something that can be said of most “ring” type massagers.  They are usually too small to rest on the smallest of fingers so I was quite relieved.

As I pressed and held the power button I held my breath in anticipation of the vibratory power/options available.  In this case unfortunately the power/options was very limited.

In fact I would say that the power wasn’t there.

I think the trade off with the Jopen Pyxis is the power to size ratio.

The vibrations delivered from this vibrator are far from average, only acceptable by the less vibrator savvy or vibrator newbies.

I’m sorry to say this but it’s the truth unfortunately.  So save your pennies unless you are hyper sensitive.





By Suze

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