Tie and Tease Game
Tie and Tease Game

Tie And Tease is an adult game for adventurous adults that takes the impressive Tease game that we reviewed here and gives it a spankingly fun twist. Adult games come in a variety of flavours from the fun and bawdy to the more earnestly sexual and intimate.

Tie And Tease continues the excellent look and feel of the original Tease game. The pin-up artwork, quality packaging, board and game cards all set it apart from many other adult board games whose. Along with the board et al you get a blindfold and ribbon for tying up your partner during certain parts of the gameplay, oh, and there are two dice. One conventional for moving around the board and the D/S/? dice used to select a Dominant, submissive or “you decide” role when acting on the instructions from the game cards.

Players move around the board once for a short game and twice for the long game, finishing in the middle of the board to win after the requisite number of circuits. Each square prompts you to draw a card from one of the six decks corresponding to the image on the square, or you can choose your own card stack if you land on the question mark.

Each card has a dominant and submissive role on it describing what you should do/expect depending on the outcome of the D/s/? die. You can also choose to play with either level 1 or level 2 cards, the latter being more intense. At the end of the game the submissive player (loser) chooses two cards from four randomly selected D/s cards that they are happy to act out with the Dominant (winner). The Winner then selects one of these cards for the couple to enjoy together, and that in itself sums this game up. It seems to have been well thought out in every way:

  • You feel you have a quality product from the moment you handle the box.
  • You’ll find nearly everything you need in the box, though you can also equip yourself with suitable massage oils, candles and “spanking implements” to ensure you can carry out all the tasks as laid out on the game cards.
  • Throughout the game trust and consent are maintained while pushing intimacy to new levels that can transform a vanilla, non BDSM relationship into one that eagerly embraces kinkiness.
  • All of the cards are carefully worded, not too wordy but clear and explicit in how they detail what each partner should do. While each describes the scenario from both Dominant and submissive perspective you also find that there are subtle differences depending on which role you take, adding to the fun and reaffirming that they have been written by someone who understands the interplay that makes this sort of love-play and lifestyle so interesting.
  • The concise instructions cover both sides of an A5 sheet of paper, that’s all you need to tell you how to play the game and give you a few helpful hints about safety (e.g. during tying up and wax play).

There is nothing too extreme to upset your partner unless they have no interest in exploring mutual kinkiness in the privacy of your own home. There are no long lists of extras that you have to have at hand to complete the tasks on the cards that can make playing a board game seem more like a homework assignment than a fun way to have a sexy evening with your partner. And, unlike the original “Tease” game the new Tie and Tease can be fully enjoyed by you as a couple without the need to involve other open minded friends in your play too.

We really enjoyed the game and the variety of naughty scenarios and tasks the game cards contained, they maintained the accessible but experimental tone of the game yet avoided being repetitive. I would recommend Tie and Tease to anyone wanting to experiment with domination and submission.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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