G Vibe Noir
G Vibe Noir

I had the pleasure of reviewing the first incarnation of the G Vibe some time ago.  I’m not being vague here I just don’t want to taint this review with influences from a previous review as I like to write individual “as I find it” type reviews. So I haven’t re-read that review – This allows me to give my honest opinion without being influenced by previous reviews, mine or other peoples’.

On the previous occasion and on this one the manufacturers have sent the G Vibe to me directly.  It’s great when an actual manufacturer are that eager to hear your opinion.  🙂

The G Vibe Noir is a limited edition sex toy and sports a unique number on the edge of the lid.  Mine was 10035, I checked on the official site and the run is going to be limited to 10,000.  A lot but it does meet the criteria for being “limited”.  lol

As you would expect the black theme carries through the packaging, the outer box being a matt black finish with a stylised orchid image on the front and large product image on the rear.  Opening of the box is unusual with the magnetic clasped lid closing on the shortest edge.

On the sides of the sturdy box are the features of the G Vibe Noir.  The box makes an ideal storage container for the product if you wish to keep it in there it would be quite safe.

Once the lid is lifted the G Vibe Noir is revealed nuzzling in its black velvet former. Using the silver tab I lift the liner and the vibe free from the box to reveal the USB charger, Boudoir postcard by Mirosedina a well known Russian artist, a not so memorable nylon storage bag with silver drawstrings and logo then finally the a graphically biased user manual which cannot be misinterpreted.

So whilst I slip off to charge the G Vibe Noir you can digest the user overview.

  • Offers 6 modes of vibration and 8 speed settings which are sure to appeal to all.
  • This version offers 3 x motors, 1 x mounted in each tip of the probes and unlike the original you can now enjoy an additional motor in the base of the shaft.  Getting excited now!  😉
  • Initial charging can take up to 8 hours and a run time of up to 4 hours.
  • Charging is via a USB port which means you will always have non-stop fun in the office.
  • When in use is both powerful and quiet for discreet play.
  • Is easily operated via its 3 x push button interface.
  • Can be used in the shower to get you in a bit of a lather as it’s water resistant.
  • It’s such a versatile vibrator offering vaginal, clitoral and anal play.
  • Has a length of 18cm with each prong having a diameter of 3,5cm.

I put the G Vibe Noir on charge over night and when I woke the following morning and leant down the side of the bed to unplug her the lights were still flashing.  According to the instructions the lights should go off once charged.  Had I over done it leaving her plugged in?

Regardless I was in the mood for early morning fun so she “would” be ready!

This girl needs to come.

Early morning randiness is best sated with a good workout with a toy.

The G Vibe Noir felt cold after laying on my cold bedroom floor all night so I unplugged her and slipped her under the duvet and between my thighs to warm up.  I shivered slightly as the cold silicone nuzzled against my hot thighs.

Alex was sleeping soundly next to me and knew nothing of my intentions.  He sleeps like a baby, I’m not such a sound sleeper and was woken early by a diesel-powered milkman who visits an elderly neighbour.  I do wish she would buy from the supermarket.

I know that’s not encouraging local business but we all have to suffer for her indulgence with early morning tractor noises.  Lol

Removing the G Vibe I check out the configuration of the controls and etch them in my memory for use later.  There is nothing worse than forgetting how to adjust the settings and turning the bloody vibe off mid orgasm.  😉

From memory I remembered that last time I used the original G Vibe I required a small droplet of lube on each tip to aid its entry being quite a thick shafted vibrator.  I also pinched the tips together to enable both tips to penetrate me.

Makes sure you keep a tissue near to you for wiping your fingers afterwards because you will end up with lubricated fingers.

As the two opposing fingers of the G Vibe entered deeper inside me I started to get the feeling of being full, just like I had a thick cock inside me.  It felt good, sort of satisfying.  I pressed the + button firing the vibe in to action in constant mode.

I pressed the middle button slowly working my way through the mode settings until I found one which hit the spot, an escalation which had my toes very quickly turning skyward.  Always a good sign.  😉

The configuration of the two fronds ensures that you maintain a constant pressure against your frontal vaginal wall and therefore against your g-spot.  It was evident that I would soon be thrashing on the bed and I wanted to savour one of the alternative uses of the G Vibe.

I removed the vibrator and reinserted her this time with one of the prongs on the outside and it came to rest over my clitoral hood.  The internal stimulation from having just half of this toy enter me was perfectly adequate.

Now I was enjoying shallow vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation together.  The level of penetration can be increased by pushing back on the handle, which incidentally aids use if you push your middle 2 fingers through and use your thumb to control the settings.

The curve of the external prong ensured that it remained in constant contact with my swollen clitoris even when I applied some circular movements with my hand.  The G Vibe Noir was now massaging me both internally and externally and I was soon arching my back and close to orgasm.

As I felt the orgasm grip I looked over to Alex who didn’t stir and shouted out…

“I love you.”

He awoke to find me breathless next to him flushed with the tell-tale aftermath of orgasm.

This vibrator is one for all levels of user depending on which elements you use and how you use them.  It can be anything from a clitoral stimulator to a double penetration toy.  Take from it what you will and enjoy.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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