Doki Doki Love Skin Bunny Masturbator
Doki Doki Love Skin Bunny Masturbator

It doesn’t have ears and doesn’t have a little fluffy tail so you’ll have to use your imagination and take Doki Doki’s word for it that this masturbator is a Bunny Girl. The packaging is predominantly in Japanese so most of the information you will get is from a few badges on the box telling you that the toy is made from Love Skin, an elastomer similar to materials like UR3. The other thing about the box is that its artwork shows a Manga style bunny girl – Ah! That’s where the name comes from. I like the box, it’s fun, instantly recognisable as a Japanese styled toy and therefore appealing to me as I like the cluttered almost chaotic style of the artwork. It’s a personal thing.

The small size of this masturbator means this male sex toy fits in the “Palm Pussy” group of sex toys for men. It uses its elasticity to both keep the size small and vary the stimulation provided as you pull and stretch it over your penis during use. The toy and a small vial of lube are held in a clear plastic insert inside the box that when opened hits you with the unmistakeable smell of “flesh-like” sex toy elastomer. This sort of masturbator never loses that smell though it does become less pungent over time. Although I can’t read the instruction on the box as they are in Japanese I would suggest just using water based lube and washing with warm water just after use. Using anything stronger can damage this kind of toy – some will take anti-bacterial soap, others isopropyl alcohol as a cleaner – but as I can’t read the instructions I can only say you should use copious amounts of water to wash away any, erm residues you may leave.

The outside of the Bunny Girl masturbator is a flat pink colour, reasonably fleshlike and more natural than some other similar masturbators which seem to err towards the orange. A highly simplified pair of “labia” surround the entrance to this artificial vagina and inside was something rather surprising, it’s coloured a pinky red like, well, a vagina. This is part of the masturbator that you never see unless you are washing it so I don’t quite see the point but it is certainly different. Inside the “love tunnel” are four separate sections from the deepest “dot deep end” to the shallowest and unfortunately named “Wart Stimulation”. Maybe something got lost in translation there.

When I came to wash my Bunny Girl Masturbator I got my second surprise. The interior shape was not what was illustrated on the box! Instead of the unrealistic ridges and dots shown on the packaging I found myself looking at a quasi-realistic moulding with folds and a G Spot mound just like the real thing. Well, the real thing if your partner is tiny, stretchy and made of plastic but you get my meaning.

Using the masturbator is easy. Although the elastomer is quite firm it stretches easily around my penis with the aid of some water based lube. The amount in the vial provided is about enough for one comfortable use but to be honest I used some of my own favourite lube instead. The entrance to this palm pussy is quite wide at about 8-10mm so you don’t tend to experience the skiddy-skaty game of put the penis in the pussy that some masturbators require to get inside them. The other end has a small hole to allow air in and out as you stroke your erection, it’s a small hole and because of this makes quiet squeaking-wheezing noises as you play.

In terms of sensation this is a pleasant but not overly contoured toy so will suit most people. It certainly was tight around me but not so tight as to make the internal contours ineffective which can happen with firm masturbators. Another plus point is that although this is a small, cheap sex toy the moulding seems good quality and the walls are quite thick which bodes well for its durability.

The “Doki Doki Love Skin Masturbator Bunny Girl 2” (yes that’s its full name) is a relatively cheap and compact masturbator that’s easy to store and transport discretely. Cleaning is pretty easy and most guys can have a lot of fun with it. This type of masturbator doesn’t last forever and eventually, depending on how vigorous you are with it your bunny will need replacing. But at this price it won’t break the bank.





By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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