Comet Wand II Vibrator
Comet Wand II Vibrator

If you read my previous review of the original Key Comet Wand you will already be aware just how impressed I was with the looks, quality and most important of all just how good she felt when slipped inside me.

And you just have to ask “How could they possibly improve this sex toy?”

I’ll tell you how…

…they only went and added vibration!

Oh, yes!  They have added 7 delicious functions for you to choose from.  As you can guess I’m already moistening at the thought.

But first let’s take a look at the packaging, well it’s nothing to write home about.  It’s functional, displaying the product on the front and bullet points on the rear of the outer sleeve which slips half way over the interior box which holding the Key Comet II.

Open the flip top box and the Key Comet II is neatly displayed in a charcoal coloured dense foam insert.  I tried to remove the vibrator from its resting place and found I couldn’t. Becoming exasperated as I attempted to get a grip I desperately poked my finger down the open edge of the former where the USB charging lead lay and pulled.

It was only then that I realised that there was a black ribbon tab to the left side of the former to ease the whole thing out.  Whoops!  Lol

I think this could have been better emphasised by using a contrasting coloured tab, for example fuscia to tie in with the box colours and the colour of my vibrator.  Therefore avoiding the risk of eager pleasure seekers ripping their nails.

­Just to check I placed the former back in the box and tried using the black ribbon tab to remove the contents.  I found the ribbon to be a little too short to get a good purchase and took a fair amount of pull, this could have been because I do have fingernails.

However, it does ensure that you Key Comet II arrives without any harm being done to her in transit.

Removing the interior supporting section of the box reveals a stiff black satin bag and the USB magnetic charger.  To charge you simply place the two pinned end on to the corresponding pins on the Key Comet.  You can’t get these the wrong way round because the magnets repel if you haven’t placed it the right way up.

The look of the Key Comet is not quite as impressive as its counterpart because the handle on this version isn’t cut glass.  And that’s for a very good reason, the function control is mounted in the metallic “Key” logoed disk in the handle, therefore avoiding any unsightly wires and connections.

A trade off of aesthetics against functionality I’m willing to make if this is as good as I think it is going to be.

For speed I opted to plug the USB lead in to a conventional plug using a USB adapter

That’s just how impatient I am.  😉

I plugged the Key Comet II in to the mains and a light steadily flashed on and off until the charge was complete when the light extinguished and it was blast off time!

A quick wash with antibac soap soon had the KC cleansed and warmed ready for action.  I had prepared the bedroom in advance, curtains closed and Pink CD in the drive.

But first let me tell you about the features of the Key Comet II, I’ll be quick because I’m eager to go next door.

  • Is easy to operate via a single push button control.  Simply press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off and on and press repeatedly to advance through the vibration modes.
  • Offers 7 quiet but powerful vibration patterns to enjoy.
  • Once full charge can take up to 4 hours and provides between 2-3 hours of fun.  😉
  • Ergonomically shaped to give perfect fit and comfort in use.
  • Is fully rechargeable via any USB port for convenience, ensuring that you never run out of buzz.
  • Has a length of 12cm with a diameter of 3cm.
  • Can be used in the bathroom as it’s 100% waterproof.

The great thing about working from home is the ability to be able to disappear from the office to the bedroom when the mood takes. 😉

For some reason I feel even more horny when the day is particularly nasty outside and I’m all snug indoors.  Today was more one of those days, cold, dark, windy and cold.  In other words a typical Winter’s day.

I bravely slipped out of my clothing, casting it to the bedroom floor and slipped under my high tog duvet.  A couple of shivers later and I was warm once more as the bed took on my body heat as did the Comet between my thighs.

It was deadly quiet outside which focused my attention totally on my quest for pleasure.

Because the bulbous tip of this vibrator is generous I applied a drop of water based lube to the tip before slipping it between my legs and in to my warm opening.  I felt full as the large head entered me, making me feel full and satisfied.

My own body helped me to insert the Comet II as my pc muscles pulled her deep inside me.  She fitted me perfectly, the tip grounding against my g-spot and the base of the handle on my excited clitoris.

Simply perfect!

You can tell when a toy fits you, it will slip in to place and remain there when you let go and this is exactly what happens with this one.  😉

I pressed the stainless ally button in the handle tip, holding it for a few seconds to start the vibrations, A few presses of the button later I had discovered a delicious pulsing mode.

The vibrations rippled through my vaginal walls and over my clitoris and I felt the tension ebbing out of my body.  My heart rate was steadily increasing I could feel it and blood was starting to flow to fill my sexual organs.

This felt good as I added to some gentle in and out movement, it didn’t require much, just enough to simultaneously massage my frontal vaginal wall and my clitoris.

It was a good job I don’t have any employees in the office next door because they would have heard the vocal reflection of my pleasure as I orgasmed.  Large waves crashed upon the shore of hedonism, leaving me sated, panting and flushed.

I must mention that there is a technique to removing the Key Comet II when you are spent because you cannot remove it simply by pulling away from your vaginal area.  You have to lay the handle flat against you pelvis as you pull up towards your face.

If you are looking for a vibrator or dildo for that matter which will give an added dimension to your bedroom fun then this is the one.  This vibrator should please all levels of user.

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