We Vibe Tango
We Vibe Tango

I have tested and sex toy reviewed lots of bullet shaped vibrators over the years and I was hoping that the Tango would impress as much as the other products We Vibe have produced.

Would it have something different to make it stand out from the array of vibrating ammunition already available on the market?

Bullet vibrators are one of the most versatile, they are easily transportable in your handbag, pocket or the glove box of your car, can slip in to small spaces such as bras and panties discreetly and can be used to stimulate in so many different ways just use your imagination.

This bullet has a lipstick shape with its chamfered tip which makes it ideal for clitoral stimulation and teasing the odd nipple or two.  😉

I go with the We Vibe philosophy of being carbon neutral manufacturing and distribution including using frugal packaging for recycling purposes but not to the extent that your user manual has very little information about your product.  The user manual is wonderfully multi lingual but only shows you how to charge the product and press the base to control it.

There is nothing about light indication to inform you if your Tango is charging properly or is indeed fully charged.  Nothing about the vibratory functions, how long the charge will last or any other product information.

This was slightly irritating coming from an award winning company like We Vibe.  I actually had to Google the Tango and read the information on their site to find out more about the vibrator’s functionality.

Here is what I found.

  • Small – to fit in to your handbag or pocket easily.
  • Offers 8 stimulating vibratory patterns.
  • Is very quiet in operation for stealth pleasure.
  • Rechargeable with rapid recharge which takes just 1 ½ hours and offers up to 2 hours of play.
  • Features easy to operate push button control in the base with quick stop function by holding the button in.

It seemed to me that the Tango would be the perfect companion out of the bedroom.  Unlike other toys this one didn’t require you to be horizontally orientated for access it’s a product perfectly suited to use whilst sat at my desk.  Naughty!

I just needed the perfect accompaniment…

…a chat buddy with a dirty mind and I knew exactly who would fit the bill.  Social networking should be renamed social wankworking it has facilitated some really moist moments for me in the past.  😉

First I needed to check he was available online.

He was and because we had done this before he knew the drill (and how to use it.  😉 )  It felt so dirty sitting at my desk, legs spread, skirt hitched up to minge level.  My heart raced as I sent him the opening message.

“You feeling horny today?”

His reply was swift, his cock was already throbbing.  I wasted no time, pushing the button.  FUCK!  This vibe sure packs a punch, the vibrations were so strong it felt difficult to keep a hold.

He knew exactly how to work it and I let him continue his onslaught of naughty messages as my hands had other things to do.  😉  For a small vibrator the reverberation was incredible and very arousing.  My feet were already tingling.

The deep vibrations coupled with his endless stream of filth were doing their thing.  A couple more depressions of the Tango’s button had me gripped in a throbbing delight.  I could feel my heart beating and my cheeks blushing as my orgasm started to grow deep in my loins.

Did he just say that?


I was coming, my fingers picked up my wetness as they moved the Tango around on my sensitive clitoris.  Come seemed to be oozing out of my pussy with each waggle.

What can I say about the Tango?  It’s a good all rounder for both experienced and toy newbies and fits the bill for multi sensational vibes.  And I haven’t even tried shallow vaginal penetration yet.  This bullet is so powerful that it rotates on your palm with the strength of its vibrations.

All I can say is go girl!



By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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