Pico Bong Ipo
Pico Bong Ipo

PicoBong is the latest range of affordable, quality toys offered by high end toy manufacturer Lelo and I for one couldn’t wait to get my fingers on, that’s right, fingers not hands, for sex toy testing and reviewing.  We like to keep things here fresh and tasty, bringing you the latest in adult entertainment.  😉

It’s always good to see a newcomer to the market especially when they have the credibility of Lelo.  But it also means that you can form some pre conceptions which may or may not be warranted.  I was hoping that in this instance I would not be disappointed by this new range.

It being a while since I had a bit of clitoral fun, my finger vibe was tempting me away from my work as it sat on my desk in plain view, visible in the corner of my left eye.  It’s a tease to have the object of your desire out of plain sight, over there in the “naughty” corner.  Unintentionally…it just happened to have been placed there in my “review queue”, sitting patiently waiting for my attention.

But before we start lets dispose with the pleasantries and get down to business, fingering the Ipo’s qualities.  ;0

  • Is easily slipped on to you finger but not so comfortable to wear if your fingers aren’t slim, hoping the ring will relax over time.
  • Offers up to 2 hours of play from just one battery!  Quite a feat for any vibratory product with this power and range of vibration.
  • With 12 levels of vibration and multiple speed options this vibe is sure to hit the spot.
  • Provides almost silent vibratory stimulation so you don’t need to worry about being discovered by the kids or visitors staying over night.  😉
  • Is fully waterproof up to one meter in depth for a little bit of water sports.
  • Operates from just one AAA battery!
  • Has easy to use + and – controls within the logo on the body of the toy.

I’ll make no secret of the fact that only 20 minutes ago I had been fucked to orgasm several times.  Let me clarify that, I had multiple orgasms before he finally came.  He’s such a generous partner and I am such a greedy bitch when it comes to sex.

He had now left the house to make his way to work and there was I feeling horny again.  I had merely walked in to my office to read my mail and was now being tempted by that naughty little clit vibe sitting on my desk.

It was too tempting for me, I loaded the AAA battery and took my Ipo to the bathroom for a little wash prior to some filthy clit play.

I slipped under the duvet and my PicoBong Ipo Finger Vibe followed me.  The wind was howling around my window and I was in the mood to howl right back as I slipped my vibe on to my right index finger.

The controls aren’t clearly discernible by touch so I had to raise my hand from under the duvet to press the + button and fire up the vibration.  Several presses later took me to full speed but my favourite settings required a press and hold.

Now the PicoBong Ipo was in pulse mode and it was making my finger feel good so…

My hand descended between my legs and the tip of the clit vibe was now penetrating my warm cunt.  The Ipo provides the perfect digit extension, facilitating some shallow vaginal penetration which felt good as I lay in my solitary bed.

A few shallow vaginal stabs had me in the mood for climax.  I moved my now lubed PicoBong Ipo towards my bulging clitoris.  Now filled with blood, swollen and ready for some fun I placed my clit vibe gently over my hood.  A swift glide backwards revealed my sensitive clit and the vibrations were humming me closer to orgasm now.

I rolled the Ipo Finger Vibe around my clit in a slow but deliberate motion and felt my toes curl upward as I approached my personal Nirvana.  The vibratory thrumming was playing a tune on my clit that my body was about to dance to…

It ripped through me like a tidal wave as I spasmed my last.

The PicoBong Ipo Finger Vibe is totally configurable which makes it good for all user levels but not so good for those who don’t have tiny fingers. This also means it’s not so good for a male partner to use on you because they do tend to have larger fingers!  Lelo really need to make the finger ring more pliable and elastic.

I found my finger went cold and slightly blue due to the un-necessary ligature provided by the finger ring.  It would have been far more comfortable had the silicone been more giving and less of a distraction to when in use.  That said if you can cope with vibration blue finger this clit vibe does the business.




By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.