Slim Fave From Pipedream Metal Worx
Slim Fave From Pipedream Metal Worx

I was excited when I first saw the latest line of stainless steel toys from Pipedream because until then there was only one major player in the steel sex toy market, Njoy.

And I have to admit that they are a hard (yes the pun was intended) to follow, producing organically shaped functional toys with class.  The beauty of steel toys is their weight, compatibility with all types of lubricant, totally steriliseable and are heat responsive allowing them to be heated or cooled to your own personal taste.

Unlike my Njoy toys, this one didn’t have a brand name engraved into its shiny surface, perhaps that’s a little bit of something Pipedream may add in time.  As for the weight and look of the product it was nicely finished with a good shine and hefty weight.

The Slim Fave is designed to give double the pleasure with its phallic shaped head and opposing graduated tip for anal penetration and stimulation.

At this point I will add that the Metal Workx range of toys are package in a wonderfully study aluminium case.  I can further justify this be saying that mine had quite obviously had some rough handling during transit which resulted in the end of the box being dented from the inside!

My toy had actually, under its own weight pushed the box outwards when it fell, creating a bulge in the side of its case.  Yet inside the toy was totally unscathed!  Had this been a cardboard box I think maybe the mail man would know what he was delivering to Suzanne Parker.  Lol

Here are some of the Slim Fave’s pleasure aspects…

Offering both vaginal and anal stimulation in one toy.

Has a bulbous phallic tip which offers excellent vaginal penetration and stimulation and a graduated beaded tip which is ideal for anal play.

Being stainless steel it’s easy to cleanse.

Offers excellent thermal responsiveness as mentioned above, simply run under the cold or hot tap to add that little bit of something extra.

The weight of this toy adds to the pleasure (a full 1lb 11oz’s, I thought it felt weighty!) offered by its organically shaped extremities.

I couldn’t wait to see the Slim Fave migrate from its box to mine.  🙂  I’m such a dirty minx.

It was a cold and wet afternoon when I decided to hold my Slim Fave under the hot tap and take it to my room for some self indulgent Winter pleasure.  And may I say that playing with a toy when it’s cold and dark outside is a bit of a SAD breaker!

Get yourself a daylight lamp and a new toy and it can make you feel so much better…but hey, I’m biased.  Lol

Yes it was cold, frosty and dark and I was about to illuminate my day.

I slipped under the warm duvet which I had only migrated a few minutes ago.  Alex was now well on his way to work, unable but willing to fuck me.  This morning we had slept over and there was on time for naughtiness and I “needed” it.

The Slim Fave was noticeably weighty in my hand and felt good to hold.  Fuck, I felt so randy and ready for it as I pushed the rounded tip against my lips, parting them and slipping inside my moist pussy.

It felt both warm and comforting as the heat from my dildo warmed me inside and the bulbous head massaged my vaginal walls.  I let the weight take the end of the Slim Fave down towards the mattress, merely using my hand to work the tip in and out of my wet cunt.

The sheer weight of the stainless steel dildo aided my g-spot massage as the tip pushed against my vaginal wall.  My own pussy juices had now slickened up the shaft and it was working in and out of me with ease, each ridge and curve massaging me closer to the edge.

My heels sunk in to the bed as I moved my hand with more speed between my legs and I bit my lip as I felt that warm tingling build and build, then…

This dildo is one which could be used by anyone wanting to enjoy the elemental powers of a metal dildo and it also doubles up as a good workout device because the weight is very noticeable.  You could enhance the sensation of this dildo by slipping a cock ring over the other end to provide vibrations.

I have the feeling my next adventure with the Slim Fave will be to try the anal probe at the other end.




By Suze

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