Electrastim Depth Charge Anal Probe
Electrastim Depth Charge Anal Probe

Electro-sex or the use of electrical stimulation to give a pleasurable sexual response is a specialised but increasingly popular section of the sex toy market so you will see sex toy reviews of electrosex products on Sex Toys Buzz from time to time. If you are thinking of trying electrosex you need to buy a controller/generator first like this one reviewed here. Then you can start buying accessories like the ElectraStim “Depth Charge” that I’m reviewing here to explore different ways of enjoying electrosex.

The Depth Charge anal probe is a very high quality accessory to add to your electrosex toy box. The base of the ribbed handle contains the two, 2mm connectors that you use to connect the probe to your control box. The handle and the thinner, flexible shaft are covered in silicone to insulate your hand and the outer part of your ass from the electrical stimulation, thereby allowing you to apply the stimulation exactly where you want it. The “egg” at the tip of the device is where the electrodes are placed, each a silvered section covering almost half of the acrylic ovoid separated by a 5mm insulating gap.

The egg at the tip of the toy slides easily into place with a little lube, it’s big enough to be stimulating on its own, without electrical stimulation, but not so large as to be challenging to those who do not like their asses stretching. Because the thin shaft of the toy is 20cm long and constructed to be strong but very flexible it would be easy with a little time, care and a lot of lube to work this gently very high up inside your ass. The flexibility of the shaft means you could navigate the curves of your rectum and lower intestine easily. However I’m not sure that I recommend you do this as the walls of the bowel can tear easily so I’d advise using no more than half of this length.

The fact is that this toy begs to be used for stimulating the rectum and area behind the prostate. So that’s what I tried. After settling the bulbous head behind my P Spot I turned on the power and gently increased the intensity while the control unit was on a pulse setting. Up to 2/3 power I felt only a slight tingling but by the time I hit 3/4 power my muscles started to twitch and I could feel them lifting the Depth Charge involuntarily, waving the handle about.

The experience was quite intense and very different. I increased the power one step more and found it was a little too much. Dropping the power I experimented with different patterns, any variation on pulsing suited me best.

This sort of deep electrosex stimulation didn’t immediately bring me to erection and have me dribbling but it was interesting and combined with other stimulation was great fun. What I might try next is a technique recommended to me by one of the team at ElectroStim – attach one electrode to the probe and the other to a pad placed just above your penis. That way the electricity flows straight through your prostate. That could be interesting.

In summary this is an excellent quality toy for anyone into electrosex. It needs a control box to apply the power so don’t forget to purchase one of those if you are new to the electrosex game. But as I found this is a very personal thing and while as an expensive anal probe this toy works fine, for me at least it didn’t blow my socks off. I feel it deserves a little more experimentation and I am certainly encouraged to do that to make sure I’m not missing out on the delights that I suspect this device can offer to a user who gets to know it.


By Suze

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