Odeco Leila Pressure Sensitive Egg
Odeco Leila Pressure Sensitive Egg

I’m already a big fan of this Chinese sex toy manufacturer as you can see from the previous reviews I have written extensively about their range of products.

Shame they haven’t read them and changed the bright orange packaging!  Lol  But as I’ve said before it does make them stand out from the crowd.

Whoever designed the outer sleeve of the Leila was a little off with their sizing, I had to tug, persuade and push to remove it.  I’m sure if they had allowed a millimetre here and there it would have been much easier.  Just removing this sleeve gave me a workout.  Lol

Once the sleeve is off the inner distinctive black box with slanted cut was revealed.  This is where the orange works when you are presented with a matt black box with orange joint.

I removed the lid to reveal the Leila securely placed in a charcoal foam former.  Below it I discovered the charger, a general manual which contains instructions for their full range of products and a black satin drawstring storage pouch or tote as readers from the US know it.

This egg/bullet looks just like others on the market but it harbours a secret.

So let’s…OK I know you are eager to find out just what that secret is.  😉

The Odeco Leila can be operated hands free.  And before you shout out “does it come complete with a remote?” the answer is no.  This egg vibrator is controlled by pressure so you use you PC muscles to move through the vibration speeds and modes.

How good is that?

Not only do you get a great stimulation, you get to work out your pelvic floor at the same time.  This can only be a good thing incorporating pleasure with toning.  And I wonder just how good my PC muscles are as I have to admit I’ve not been focusing on them lately.

But before the fun begins I need to charge the Odeco Leila Pressure Sensitive Egg, according to the manual the red light will flash when charging and change to constant once fully charged.  I had a bit of a job penetrating the Leila with the lead, it was tight requiring force, and I actually experienced a tiny pop as I pushed it in akin to breaking the Leila’s hymen.

That’s a first and something I will most probably never experience again.  😉

So let’s take a look at her features whilst she sits on the corner of my desk winking at me:

  • Can be used via pressure control or manual operation.  I will explain how to switch between the two later.
  • The charging process normally takes up to 2 hours.
  • Is waterproof so you can take it in to the bathroom for some good clean fun.
  • Has a quiet but powerful motor.
  • Offers 1 x constant speed and 5 x vibratory modes.
  • Comes with retrieval cord to ensure that you can both secure and remove your egg with ease.
  • Is operated with ease using the A & B buttons on the shaft.

Naturally I decided to give the Odeco Leila a quick run through before play and it’s a good job I did because helpful thought he manual is, its instructions aren’t very clear.

So here you are are.  Press and hold the A button for a few seconds to power up then press again to rotate through pressure control (blue light) and manual control (red light).

I opted to go with the blue light and see how “pressure control” worked.  I decided that lube wouldn’t be a good idea as the controls were going to be on a hair trigger and as I found out it was the right way to go.

After selecting the pressure setting with the blue light flashing, I parted my thighs under the duvet.  I was dressed in just a t-shirt and bra, jeans, pants cast to the bedroom floor.  I’m not wanting romance here just satisfaction.  😉

I gently pushed the Lelia inside my pussy and felt the motor start up as it slipped into my vaginal opening.  Based on past experience and considerable probing I decided to keep my middle finger firmly hooked inside the removal cord.

The vibrations were strong and rippled through my vaginal wall, a pleasurable experience and I relaxed in to the mattress.  Then they changed tempo.  I gripped the Leila vibrator hoping to stabilise the mode it was in but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up.  PC muscles will only hold for so long.

Then they moved on.  I decided instead of trying to grip to let the egg do its own thing but it just cut out.  Bugger!  I was getting flash backs of the Lelo SenseMotion product I had tested some months ago which did the same thing, got me going then stopped.

I made an executive decision and switched to manual, which for some reason seamed to offer more powerful vibrations which were controllable.

For some reason the vibrations in manual mode seemed to be more intense and this wasn’t due to my PC muscle tone as I tried it with my fingers later.  The pressure mode isn’t as powerful and is certainly a bit of a wild pony in terms of control and consistency.

Despite my misgivings I do believe that Odeco have some great technology here but they do need to refine the idea and make it more workable.  As for the manual mode, it’s great!  The vibrations are powerful whilst the noise level very is quiet, the perfect combo.  Try slipping it between you pussy lips for great clitoral stimulation too.

Whatever level of sex toy user you are this egg will satisfy, just don’t go relying on its “pressure” technology it falls short of its promises.





By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.