Tokyo Design Mode G-Rocket
Tokyo Design Mode G-Rocket

I look at this rabbit style vibrator and can’t help but reflect on the obvious tendencies to emulate products from the producer Lelo.  But there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from a leading sex toy manufacturer.

The Mode G-Rocket does bear a resemblance to a rocket, being able to stand upright on its 3 basal supports live the fins of a launch vehicle.  One can only hope it has great thrusters.  Lol

This company is new to the sex toy market and as such is intriguing as it has no long pedigree, but that just makes it new and naughty.  😉

Being based in Tokyo the packaging is interesting not so much in quality, the matt black outer sleeve complete with product image and multi lingual features information slips off to remove an internal box white box emblazoned with the Toyko Design logo.  But the packaging has some interesting wording for example “Ultimate Pleasure is fulfilled like magic.  It dedicates it to such all women all over the world and couples who has the desire”.  I find their pigeon English rather endearing.

I felt the desire to stand the Mode G-Rocket on its three pronged base (rocket style) and discovered that it is quite particular about where it will co-operate in standing upright.  After several failed attempts I did manage to find a place on my desk where it was happy to stand pointing star-ward before whisking it off for preparation for testing.

Whilst washing the Tokyo Design Mode G-Rocket in preparation for this review it was noticeable that the quality of the silicone isn’t quite the same silky finish that Lelo achieves, it feels slightly more grainy in texture but then again it’s not in the same price bracket.

I’m intrigued to test the trio of stimulation points but first well’s take a look at the techie info, let’s call it foreplay.  Lol

  • With 3 x g-spot speeds and 6 x modes of clitoral stimulation you are sure to be pleased.  I also noted that the g-spot stimulation is not what you might expect, this vibrator offers more than vibration.  The g-spot stimulation is reciprocating, not your average stimulation.
  • Clitoral stimulation is enhanced with soft silicone bristles.
  • Runs on 2 x AAA batteries economical pleasure.
  • Is waterproof for bathroom thrills.  😉
  • Compact in size, you can store your vibe easily.  It would even fit in to a pocket or handbag.
  • With an insertible length of 3.25” and a maximum girth of 3.75” you aren’t going to be too challenged.  😉
  • Simply press the top button to move through the g-spot modes and the lower button to move through the clitoral vibrations.  Hold either of the buttons in to terminate stimulation.

To be honest I was in a bit of a hurry to test run this vibrator as I had accumulated a bit of a backlog and felt I had to get down and dirty with it post haste.

I also felt that it would most probably turn out to be one of those thanks but no thanks types of experience.

How wrong could I be…

I didn’t bother to lube due to the size of the Tokyo Design G-Spot, it’s not very challenging size wise.  And as I predicted it slipped nicely in to place without aid.  Once inside I pressed the upper button starting up the reciprocating shaft.  The up and down movement against my g-spot felt good.

Another depression of the button felt even better so I pressed the clitoral stimulation button and the soft nubs started to massage my clit.  Oh yeah!

One more press of the g-spot massager and clitoral stimulator had me gripped when coupled with a slight twist of the wrist back and forth.  I was now massaging both my g-spot and clitoris in one turn of the wrist and taking myself closer to orgasm.

Normally I would be maxing up the vibrations to achieve this level of pleasure but the combination of internal stimulation and sensory stimulation externally on my clit had me twitching from the onset.

Moments later I was a floundering heap on the mattress and oh so happy!

This only goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

The Tokyo Design Mode G-Rocket rabbit vibrator is compact so good for first time users but offers that little bit more in terms of stimulation for the more experienced user.




By Suze

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