Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug
Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug

This inflatable butt plug is by the manufacturer Seven Creations. You’d be forgiven for not knowing the name as their branding has not been prominent on the products they produce, though in recent years it has migrated from the back of the box to the front. Unlike premium names like Jimmyjane and Lelo they simply carry on producing their own toys and sharing components with other mid-range manufacturers to produce a range of toys that in my experience give real bang for your bucks.

The hard inner core of the butt plug which houses the vibrating mechanism, batteries and control unit is covered by a TPR sleeve that can be inflated by the bulb-pump attached to the base. You insert the butt plug in the deflated state and then pump up the plug to the desired size once it’s inside. Deflation is quick and simple by pressing the pressure release button.

Inflation increase the diameter of the butt plug from its 4.5cm diameter classic conical butt plug shape to a maximum of 8cm or more – at which point the toy is pretty spherical and balloon like. Because of this size, especially when the butt plug is inflated I’d have to say that this toy is for the intermediate to advanced user.

The vibrations consist of three constant, three pulsing and one escalating mode that can be selected once the vibrating butt plug is activated using the on/off button. This simple design is of course sensible as you’ll often be operating it by touch when the butt plug is inserted so complex control buttons would be very difficult to use.

Batteries are loaded by unscrewing the ABS and TPR base that also acts as a very effective sucker to attach the butt plug to any smooth surface. This hands free operation using the base to secure your butt plug extends to the bathroom as this vibrating butt plug is fully waterproof.

As with all anal sex toys you’ll need plenty of lube to ensure a comfortable ride. Once in place it’s a bit of a stretch to reach the vibrator control buttons but they are slightly raised and being only two of them it’s not difficult to press the right one to turn on then select the vibration mode you prefer. Personally I enjoyed the final pulse setting with three short pulses then a long pulse.

For those of you with an urge to stretch yourself both metaphorically and literally you can now begin to pump up until you reach the desired size – this inflatable butt plug should be enough to satisfy the most demanding of anal fiends.

For a very reasonable price this is a great anal sex toy for demanding users who expect control and a quality product that’s easy to keep clean and simple to use. It’s not for the beginner, so if you’re new to anal sex toys try a smaller plug first or anal trainer set and work up before attempting this butt plug.



By Suze

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