Lelo Luna Smart Bead
Lelo Luna Smart Bead

I was intrigued to know exactly how the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead would perform.  It’s Lelo’s attempt at a combining what is essentially a vibrating egg with a Kegel trainer.

At first I thought they had given the Smart Bead their SenseTouch technology, which enables the user to control the speed and intensity of vibration by the amount of pressure applied to the product.

This is not the case the LUNA Smart Bead is what you could best describe as a “Smart” toy.  It learns as it goes, or in this case as your ability to squeeze the egg increases so does the training program.

There are 5 levels of training and the Smart Bead begins on the third.  I’m not sure why, maybe it is capable of setting the level lower if you don’t quite reach the target. The manual gets a bit vague at times, seeming to assume you know what the toy should do rather than being specific. Only time would tell with this and for the purposes of this review I have only used the egg a couple of times.

Your level is indicated when you press the On button each flash of the red light indicates the current level.  Mine flashed three times at me to indicating it was on Level 3 as expected.  I’m not sure what happens if you are on Level 1 the “Beginner” level does the program take a step back when it realises you need to start from a lower level?

I couldn’t find the answer to that question in the pesky User Manual!

The program commences after 30 seconds, allowing you to insert the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead into position.  Three short vibrations herald the start of your program and the same when you have completed your routine.

Got that?  Lol

Now for the presentation.  Well, I’m sure avid readers of my reviews will be aware that Lelo tend to set the standard when it comes to packaging.  The outer box is matt white with an almost life sized image of the contents on the front and product information on the rear.

Once the outer box is removed you will find a matt white calico finished box.  A first for me, Lelo normally use matt black boxes.  The interior of the inner box presents the LUNA Smart Bead in a white velveteen surround with a white satin storage case, warranty registration card, personal moisturiser (such a nice way of saying lube.:) ) and usage instructions.

So before we go cook our eggs here’s a rundown of the Lelo LUNA Smart Beads features.  😉

  • Operates via 1 x AAA battery so very economical on the pocket, because a rechargeable product would have been significantly more expensive.
  • Offers Smart technology to learn and adjust its programming to your own level.
  • Can help to strengthen your Kegel muscles which can enhance sexual enjoyment and improve bladder control.  (So what’s not included in your User Manual?  How you should perform the “squeezes” here’s a link, you need to scroll down the page to the section on Pelvic Floor Exercises.)
  • You can stop your programme at any point by removing the egg and pressing and holding the On/Off button in for 3 seconds.
  • Has an integral removal loop so you can ensure that your Smart Bead doesn’t disappear and once your routine has finished you can easily remove it.
  • Is quiet in use, so nobody will know that you are indulging in a pleasureable workout.  😉
  • Has a body friendly velvety finish which you just want to stroke.
  • Is waterproof and can be immersed in water for a thorough cleaning following play.  Or used in the bathroom.

All that said, let’s go get squeezing!

May I point out that no lube was required during the making of this review.  It’s so petite that it wasn’t necessary my personal moisture level was sufficient.

I pressed the button and was duly given the 3 flashes of red signifying I was about to embark on Level 3 programme.  Aware that there were 30 seconds to “Go” I slipped the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead inside me and eagerly waited.

Three consecutive vibrations alerted me that my programme was about to start.  Excited!

The first vibration started and I squeezed, and the next and…yes, you can guess the rest.  But something I didn’t expect, I got to vibration 15 and completely exhausted I stopped squeezing.  Good job I did the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead kept on vibrating…on and on…and on.

It’s recommended on the NHS website that the recommended number of consecutive squeezes is 8.  The Lelo LUNA Smart Bead went on and on and well you get the picture …  Just like Duracell bunny.  In fact I had to terminate the programme myself by holding in the On/Off button for 3 seconds and even this didn’t work. Why? Because when I put the LELO Smartbead down on my bedside table it started up again, aaarrrgghh!

At this point I was very disappointed, but wait! Lelo had sent me two of the Smart Bead Kegel exerciser vibrator thingies. The one I tested above was a full production version with retail packaging and full (if ambiguous) manual. I have one in reserve, a pre-production model only issued to a small number of testers across the world that arrived while I was away in Germany at the eroFame show. I hadn’t reviewed it because I thought it best to evaluate the fully mature and packaged example so as to give a fair review. As that hadn’t worked out I resorted to my pre-production sample.

Oh dear. Almost exactly the same. Except that this one did seem to react to the pressure I was applying to it, but it wouldn’t turn off. I tried the production version after finding another new battery, hang on no this is reacting to pressure but still turning itself on for no reason when I’ve shut it down.

Now I’m getting frustrated.

Here’s what I found, and it applies to both examples of this toy:

  • There seems to be an intermittent issue with the pressure sensitive part of the toy, sometimes it works perfectly, then it will stop working for no apparent reason.
  • It never gets to the end of its programme so I can’t say it it does switch up or down according to your Kegel strength.
  • The LELO Smart Bead seems to turn itself back on when you’ve turned it off.
  • The manual is vague.

All I can say of the Lelo LUNA Smart Bead is that I have this feeling of De Ja Vous…you produced another toy which doesn’t seem to work as advertised … and will have to go to version ??? Before it does work. This is a really long review to say “this toy doesn’t seem to be working” but LELO usually produce excellent products so they deserve a full explanation of why I found this product such a let down.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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