Fun Factory Gigolino
Fun Factory Gigolino

How much more apt can a vibrator name be?  Lol

The Gigolo as I like to call him, comes in no fuss packaging.  The outer sleeve is sliver embossed with a funky spotted background and displays the almost life size image of the contents.

Once the sleeve is removed the inner sanctum is a sliver box embellished with the FUN Factory ident.  Within the confines of the silver box you will find the Fun Factory Gigolino and a User Manual.  They have one of the least complicated Manual’s around, it’s mainly pictorial and as such easy to read and in this case informs you that you can move from Aerobic to Razzle Dazzle mode.  Oooh, errr!

This vibrator is old style, by that I mean it requires batteries.  But on a positive note feels like quality in your hands and sits very nicely in your palm.

The shaft of the Gigolino is velvety silicone with a flexibility which facilitates comfort and ease of use.  A rigid shaft can influence the way a vibrator is used, a flexing shaft offers more possibilities when it comes to play.  😉

I’m a fan of Fun Factory products because they tend to deliver the goods for a reasonable price and represent the German ethos when it comes to quality.

I am reminded of the Lelo Gigi with the shape of the tip of the Gigolino, except that its tip is “back to front”.  The pointy end sits against your g-spot rather than the flat tip of the Lelo Gigi.  I’m sure there is some logic in this somewhere.  Lol

Ahh!  I think I’ve found it…it would be ideal for targeting your clitoris.

So what does the Fun Factory Gigolino have to offer the ladies?

  • Has an ergonomic shape which feels good to hold with its rounded base.
  • Operates via + & – push button controls in the base for ease of use.  No fiddly controls with multiple buttons.
  • Offers 5 x constant speed settings and 7 different modes of vibration including escalation and pulse.  Something to please all.  😉
  • Runs on just 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Is waterproof so you can play in the bathroom as well as the boudoir.
  • The flexible shaft makes play a comfortable and configurable experience.
  • Gives quiet and powerful vibrations for discreet enjoyment.
  • Has a shaft measuring 20cm in length and a maximum diameter of 3.5cm.

I washed my Gigolino with antibac soap and water which served to warm him up at the same time.  So I whisked him off to the bedroom and dived under the duvet.

The wind and rain lashed against the window pane as I lay back on the cold mattress, vibe trapped between my thighs keeping warm.

Nothing feels more satisfying than being safe and warm indoors when the weather is bad.  Apart from being safe, warm and having a crafty bit of self pleasure.  😉

I was hoping for no furry intervention as kitten was fast asleep at the top of his kitteh tower.

Spreading my legs I took hold of the Fun Factory Gigolino vibrator and nuzzled the tip against my inner labia.  The tip slipped in with ease and the shaft followed, slipping deep inside me, filling me up.  It ground to a halt at the fattest part of the shaft, the tip coming to rest against my g-spot.

Locating the + button to fire the vibrator in to action was easy as both buttons are distinctly raised.  I moved through the constant setting in to the first escalation mode.  This made me feel tingly as the vibrations rippled through my pubis.  Another press delighted me more as the speed increased.

The motor for the Gigolino is mounted in the base therefore the vibrations are fairly strong around the opening to your vagina.  I made best use of this by flexing the base over my clitoris whist the vibe was inside me.

It felt like a bee humming its song against my flushed clitoris.  Very arousing…

Tempting as it was to leave it there I decided to enhance my pleasure by moving the vibrator slowly in and out of me.  Enjoying the grind against my g-spot at the shaft was pumped in and out of me.

This vibrator really does “hug” your internal curves and moments later I found myself taking a deep breath, arching my back and curling my toes in pure ecstacy.

A quick press of the – button terminated the vibrations and I lay back against the bed once more.  Sated with a smile on my face.

Gigolino Vibrator Summary

The Gigolino possess power and has a challenging shaft so it would best suit a moderate to pro user.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.