Aneros Evi G Spot Massager
Aneros Evi G Spot Massager

I’m not a fan of Kegel exercisers as a “Pleasure Product” because the two don’t usually go hand in hand.  In fact I can’t think of a product which simultaneously stimulates and exercises my PC muscles.

To me both seem to be mutually exclusive.  Is this because I haven’t found the one which worked for me yet or is it that the concept simply doesn’t exist?

That said, every time I review a product which purports to fullfil both tasks then I have an air of scepticism.  But…that said I do try to keep an open mind about such things.  I have been proven wrong before when being quick to judge.

So who knows, maybe this will be the one.  😉

Aneros are breaking the mould and moving in to the realms of female stimulation with the Aneros Evi following years of male gratification.  And I for one welcome the transition, I hope this is the start of something good for everyone.

As for the packaging.  I’m impressed.

The external white box has an interesting pearlised finish and is finished with a red wave featuring an image of the Aneros Evi and those interesting words “Hands free pleasure”.  Bearing in mind that this product has no vibrations or moving parts.

I’m intrigued as to how it is going to please me.  There goes the Doubting Thomas element of me again.  Must practice more of that PMA.  Sorry, I mean positive mental attitude.  Lol

The rear of the packaging promises “Guarantees users a sensual experience like no other”, adding that “The g-spot and clitoris are perfectly stimulated in perfect rhythm”.

By now I’m even more intrigued.

I was even more impressed with what emerged from the external box.  Aneros really have gone to town on the packaging impact of the Aneros Evi and I must say it shouts quality.

The inner box is finished in the same pearlescent coating and rather cleverly has a wave shaped magnetised opening, reflecting the outer box’s trim.  Nice touch!

Shame that the same quality isn’t reflected in the rather clinical, white plastic interior.  I feel something is lost here.  If they had presented the Aneros Evi in a white velveteen interior it would have been more in keeping with the presentation so far.

Oh well, moving on let’s take a look at the Aneros Evi’s strengths.

Requires no batteries or charging before use.

Is manufactured from silky soft silicone for comfortable use.

Designed to fit all women.

Can be used hands free.  😉

The instructions advise you to use a drop of waterbased lubricant I decided not to bother as the size of the Evi isn’t very challenging.  I was right, the Evi slipped inside me without a problem.

Once inside the outer arm pressed firmly against my clitoral hood.  The length of the arm ensures that contact is made with the clitoris whatever your configuration.

Rather than a feeling of excitement, I felt a comforting sense of being vaginally full coupled with a clitoral hug.  Very nice and all that but it wasn’t rocking my world.

In order to add a little more to the experience of wearing the Evi, as suggested I used my PC muscles to work the Evi.  This moved the Evi over my g-spot and massaged my clitoris at the same time but to be honest really wasn’t doing it for me.

Aneros Evi Summary

Desperate not to give up I continued my work out but no sexual pleasure came.  So for me this was a FAIL on all fronts.  I’m capable of working my PC muscles without having to purchase the Aneros Evi and the sexual pleasure offered was non-existent.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.