Luxe Replenish Vibrator
Luxe Replenish Vibrator

I think this vibrator/massager looks very much like one called bCurious which I tested way back in 2010.  Is it really that long?

Design-wise there are more contemporary touched to  the appearance with the high gloss topside and chrome edged finish.  The underside to this scooped shaped massager is velvety and houses the battery compartment.

The overall look of the Luxe Replenish is stylish and the shape makes obvious its application of clit and vaginal opening stimulation.  This observation is derived from years of adult product testing, you can simply look at a toy and work out how it has been designed to be used.  Quite smug I know but then again years of product testing has honed my skills and I’m proud of it.  😉

So lets get down to the nitty-gritty.

What does the Luxe Replenish have to offer?

  • Has illuminated controls for use under the covers.  😉
  • Offers 3 speeds and 4 vibratory patterns, so I’m sure you will get your kicks somewhere along the line.
  • Has integral push button controls.
  • With an independent on/off button you can ensure that the fun will stop when you want it to, especially if you are up for some discreet pleasure.  😉
  • Is waterproof for a little bathtime fun and games.
  • For the power the volume is relatively low.

It was Sunday night and to be honest I’m not a fan, always feels to close to Monday so I thought I would liven up the evening with a little playtime.

The wind was howling and the rain lashing against the bedroom window as I pulled the curtains.  Typical April weather, just not in one week.  Lol

I was close to building my own ark with the amount of rain we have had and of course I would be taking plenty of toys with me.

The bedroom was warm as I snuggled under the duvet with the Luxe Replenish in my hand.  A few minutes between my thighs would see my vibe up to body temperature and ready for use.  Cold is good in Summer but this weather certainly isn’t.

As I slipped the vibe between my labia, honing in on my clitoris I shuddered at the sudden contact between my clitoris and the vibrator.  I had expected the buzz  but the stimulation was very intense as the tip of the Luxe Replenish pressed against my already swollen clitoris.

I moved my finger tip over the base of the Replenish trying to find the pattern button to move to the next setting but the button was indistinguishable from the casing.  After several attempts I removed the vibe from my clit and located the button, three clicks later I was enjoying the escalating mode.

The vibrations were now rippling through my little bundle of nerves making me tingle.  Instinctively I added rotations and was soon on the brink of orgasm as the Replenish massaged me ever closer to the edge.  My toes curled and I knew that countdown was imminent.

I removed the vibrator from my overly sensitive clit and turned it off.  Mission complete.  ;0

This vibrator looks good and delivers great stimulation for a broad range of users.  The one thing I would like to see improved are the controls so you can “feel your way” when using the Replenish.  Perhaps by raising the buttons from the casing or adding a silicone finish to them.  This would help improve continuity of use when things start to get steamy.




By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.