Smart Wand From Lelo
Smart Wand From Lelo

Forget about your Hitachi Magic Wands, Lelo bring us the future of wand style massagers.

I received my Lelo Smart Wand in time for the weekend and couldn’t wait to slip it out of the cardboard outer to reveal the…  I was about to say, sturdy black box but no it wasn’t.  The SenseTouch Smart Wand has broken from Lelo tradition and is presented in an equally impressive white box.

Secured inside the box within the matching plush interior was the wand and the now familiar Insignia brooch, I have quite a collection of those now.  🙂

My first impression of the Smart Wand was just how stylish they had made what is after all a familiar old friend.  Mine was a medium sized wand, I believe they come in large as well.  Gone is the huge cumbersome massager we are used to seeing, it has been replaced by an ergonomically shaped massager with a gently curved handle for practicality.  Unlike the Hitachi Magic Wand it doesn’t look like an over sized and out-dated medical appliance.

This is an object of desire.

Lelo excel at making vibrators look like objects of beauty, giving them an almost Art Nouveau look and  feel.  I received the plum version which contrasts nicely with the gilt embellished handle, a very classy look.

The charger is tucked away under a card casing bearing the Lelo insignia at the far end of the box and underneath the insert is the 10 year warranty, instruction manual and black silky storage bag or tote bag as our friends over the pond refer to it.

Reading through the manual I discover that the concept of “SenseTouch” means once selected you can hold the vibrator against your body and it will slowly work up through the speed settings the longer you hold it in place.  Great concept!

But before I could get to grips with my Smart Wand I needed to charge her, the booklet advised that a full charge should take around 2 hours.

So I’ll see you all in two, in the meantime you can read up on more of the SenseTouch Smart Wand’s features.

  • 8 vibratory patterns with adjustable strength.
  • Is rechargeable and fully charged up and ready for use in 2 hours.
  • Simply press and hold the <> button down for 3-5 seconds for the SenseTouch mode.  Which is really good.  😉
  • Features easy to operate with a positive touch + and – buttons to control the vibration speed.
  • Is ergonomically shaped for targeted pleasure and ease of use.
  • Offers great deep muscle massage after a bath or a shower not just sexual pleasure.  Loving the multi-tasking abilities of this vibe.
  • Can be enjoyed in the bath or shower too.

I wandered off in to the bedroom, my intention to give the Smart Wand a solo work out, girl on girl.  It didn’t work out that way because Alex followed me obviously eager for a shag.  Lol

Moments later we were both naked and he was biting down on my neck, which always makes me weak at the knees.  I moved towards the bed and the waiting Smart Wand on my bedside drawers, moments later I was in the missionary position with Alex between my legs.

I reached out and picked up my Lelo Smart Wand determined to give the girl a try.  As Alex pushed the tip of his hard cock inside me I pressed the function button and started up the SenseTouch mode.

The wand started to vibrate at a low hum as Alex started to fuck me more vigorously and I deftly slipped it between us locating my clitoris with the head.  I didn’t meet with any resistance as the vibrations increased, in fact Alex started to fuck me faster and harder implying that he was enjoying the Smart Wand’s effects too.  😉

By now I was on the verge of having a clitoral orgasm as a result of the G spot stimulation I was encountering with the cut and thrust of Alex’s pleasure, my synapses were in overdrive.  A smile must have been clearly visible on my lips.

It was easy to hold the curved handle in place against my pudenda as I was mercilessly fucked, unlike the Hitachi which would have been far more intrusive being straight shafted and much larger.  With the Lelo Smart Wand you can simply let go and let things happen as the handle comes to rest on your pudenda without much intervention.

You may need to occasionally reign things in and reposition the wand but for the most I was able to let the combined weight of the wand and the angle of the head take care of me.  Rather noisily I exploded with the resultant squelching sound accompanying every thrusting affirming my enjoyment of the combined efforts of Alex and the Lelo Smart Wand.

In my opinion this vibrator is the best thing to happen in adult pleasure for a long time.  Lelo really are a company to reckon with and are still setting the standard for sex toys.

The Smart Wand is so versatile in both usage and settings that it can be pretty much used by all levels of user.  One for your toy box and mine.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.