FixSation Couples Vibe
FixSation Couples Vibe

The packaging for the FixSation is quite classy with a black outer sleeve and a sturdy inner box both with contrasting pink and white detailing.  I opened the box not quite knowing what to expect and found an instruction leaflet on top of the FixSation Vibe; The vibe resembled a cheese cutter and very much reminded me of my first thongs which consisted of nothing much more than an elastic strap.

I wasn’t impressed to say the least at the lace waist band with stringy elasticated strapping and curved vibrator unit.  It looked uncomfortable to wear and unsophisticated.

Would my first impressions be proved wrong?

You will have to read the rest of the review to find out hehehe.

You also get a shiny silver pouch to keep you FixSation in when not in use.  Unlike most other vibrators in its genre the FixSation is fully rechargeable instead of being powered on very expensive watch batteries which is certainly in its favour.

  • Here are some more of the FixSation’s finer points.
  • Is rechargeable, lasting up to 2 hours on one charge.
  • Offers quiet but powerful vibrations.
  • Has three speed settings to suit your needs operated via push button control.
  • The vibrator unit is detachable for cleaning.
  • Gives hands free vibratory pleasure.

I slipped on my FixSation vibro pants before Alex entered the bedroom and at first they felt a little unusual, not uncomfortable, more unfamiliar.   I adjusted the vibrator unit to sit over my mons as I lay back in the missionary position with legs akimbo.

Whilst Alex was buggering about finishing off his work in the office I took the opportunity to try the vibratory unit out solo.  I pressed the On/Off/ Speed Settings button and repositioned the vibratory unit to sit directly over my clit.

The tension on the elastic straps was just right for assuring constant contact and pressure over my clitoris.  I pressed and held the button in for a few seconds to fire up the vibratory unit which was reasonably powerful on the first setting but even better on the third and final one.

Given the power the noise level is minimal with none of the rattle you sometimes get in small vibrators, so you could certainly use this if you have visitors sleeping next door.  😉

Being the nosey parker (get it?  Lol) that he is Alex didn’t take long to poke his head round the bedroom door eager to give it a try in the “thrusts” of passion.  And of course I didn’t rebuff his offer to fuck the pants off me.  Lol

He eased between my legs, hardon swinging in mid air as he positioned himself for penetration.  Once inside my pussy he gave a few slow thrusts and then went for it, fucking me with such vigour that I was bounced up the bed making contact with the headboard.

At this point I found that the FixSation had started to move downwards and was now in the wrong position.  This could be due to slippage caused by splaying my legs wide enough to accommodate Alex and therefore applying more pull than normal.  However the vibrations were still working their magic on my nether regions.

We decided to flip positions and go for a bit of doggy style action and with a slight adjustment of the FixSation we were soon both enjoying the buzzing between my legs.  Alex remarked that he could now feel the vibrator against his balls and he was enjoying the stimulation.

The combined feeling of being penetrated and cltiorally stimulated soon had me arching my back and reaching round to rake at Alex’s with my fingernails.  The FixSation is the perfect accompaniment to a good shagging as my orgasm will testify.

I came, swiftly followed by Alex…

This is a great couples toy, its non-invasive and a wonderful bedroom companion for a ménage et trios and the vibratory unit unclips for ease of washing.



By Suze

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