Rev1000 Masturbator
Rev1000 Masturbator

Reading the box that the Rev1000 came in warned me to “PREPARE YOURSELF TO EXPERIENCE THE MOST INTENSE CLIMAX EVER!”. Yes it is printed on the box all in bold and the last bit was in a slightly bigger font. That’s some build-up and a big claim to live up to. So let’s see how it performs …

The Rev1000 has seven speeds and seven functions, a nice wide range to let the stimulation match your mood. The speeds range from slow to just short of worrying! The functions vary from simple rotations to various back and forth movements. Very inventive. Oh, and there’s an on-off button, so you do not have to cycle through speeds and functions to turn the unit off after your happy finish.

The unit is rechargeable via the international charging unit supplied in the big blue box that your Rev1000 comes in.

Before and after use the Rev1000 is easy to clean. The hard plastic case unscrews into 5 separate pieces so you can remove the inner soft silicone sleeve. You will be able to keep your Rev1000 masturbator spotlessly clean. The silicone sleeve is the most delicate piece of the toy, but fear not because the Rev1000 comes with a spare so you’ll enjoy many happy hours of masturbation without having to worry about wearing it out.

Lube is of course a must when using a masturbator like this. Normal male masturbators need lube but when you have a motorised toy whirling around your cock using it without lube would be dangerous in the extreme – Eeek! Buy a good quality water based lube as this is guaranteed to be compatible with the silicone insert. Avoid oil and silicone lubes as they may damage your new investment.

The controls on the Rev1000 are easy to use, two for speed, up and down, two for functions, up and down again. And the on-off switch.

Hard and lubed I pushed myself inside the toy, taking care to drizzle a generous amount of lube in the silicone insert too. When you start the toy you can see the mechanism inside rotate through the smoky plastic section of the body. Watching the different functions is quite fascinating, not to say rather enjoyable. I spent some time experimenting with different speed and function combinations (49 in all), most of which were in the range pleasant to invigorating.

Unfortunately none made me feel that building rush of excitement that presages orgasm. Is the Rev1000 too different for me? Probably because although I enjoyed the experience I did resort to a “traditional finish”. The orgasm was enjoyable, mainly because I had been aroused for quite a while, which always intensifies the ultimate climax.


In summary I have to say that I didn’t experience the “MOST INTENSE CLIMAX EVER!” as stated on the box. The fact that I chose to reach orgasm the old fashioned way may be something to do with personal taste and/or that the motion of the masturbator isn’t what does it for me. I reviewed the Rotobator here and wasn’t really blown away by it, the Rev1000 on the other hand is a much more sophisticated device with a wider range of movements and intensities. I was really disappointed the Rev1000  didn’t work for me because it’s a quality toy whose designers have put a lot of thought into it – but that doesn’t mean to say it will not work for you.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.