Clover Anal ProbeI’ve done quite a few anal sex toy reviews now, far more than I ever imagined I would believe me! The Clover Anal Probe falls into the categories of anal beads and a more conventional probe. Its TPR shaft is flexible but firm, so definitely an anal probe, but also anal beads because of the five graduated bead-like sections moulded into the shaft.

In addition to the basic beaded shape the manufacturers make a feature on the packaging blurb of the “Pleasure Grooves” a series of lines inscribed into the otherwise smooth surface of the probe. They also mention the cloverleaf shaped handle which is easy to hold in a variety of ways but is not a revolution in design.

I let Suze try out the anal probe on me accompanied by one of our favourite anal lubes, a task that as always she approached with her customary professionalism and enthusiasm 🙂

With one hand on my cock and the other guiding the slender tip of the probe into my ass I let her enjoy herself. And in turn enjoyed an intensely pleasurable wank.

Slowly working the probe into me and up to the fourth bead Suze slowly masturbated me, from the look on her face enjoying the feeling of penetrating me with the tool in one hand and a hot, hard cock in the other. Once the third bead was inside it was obvious that was the limit for me. If the shaft of the Clover Anal Probe had been more flexible I could have easily accommodated the whole toy but because of the twists and turns inside my rectum trying to insert it more deeply became uncomfortable.

Instead Suze slid the probe in and out – popping my ass as it’s known, the undulations of the beaded shaft dilating and releasing my sphincter and in turn stimulating the myriad of nerve endings down there. Blended with the firm and steady strokes of her hand on my cock I soon closed my eyes and let her take control of my pleasure.

She skilfully edged me for several minutes until there was no stopping my orgasm and I came all over my belly and her hand with my ass gripping the anal probe hard.

To summarise, you can use this toy from beginner level upwards though I doubt that if you like anal stimulation you wouldn’t soon be looking for something else. It’s great for popping but because of its lack of girth and the unisex nature of the toy making it unsuitable for prostate stimulation it is more of a naughty accompaniment for other bedroom antics. The “Pleasure Grooves” don’t add to the experience IMHO though they may help distribute lube better than a plain, smooth toy. One for the beginner, inoffensive, fun and easy to use.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.