PicoBong Kaya
PicoBong Kaya

Having tried and tested PicoBong’s mini vibes with success I was pleased to be given the chance to review the Kaya their first rabbit vibrator.  PicoBong offer almost the same quality and style of Lelo without the price tag which in today’s climate is a good thing.

OK, you don’t get the rechargeable vibe presented in a quality presentation box but you do get what you pay for.  A premium product packaged economically with great functionality.  This vibe offers 12 modes, something to be envied by its competitors for the cost.  😉

I would like to see all vibrators going down the rechargeable root but it’s a cost that the manufacturer have decided  against so we have a range of vibes which are dependent on conventional batteries.

The finish on this vibe impressed me, others in this price range can be quite crude.  The Kaya offers a smooth, jointless finish with easy to operate push button interface on the right side of the shaft.  It has an organic shape and a rounded base which will sit comfortably in the palm of your hand while you play.

My only reservation pre play is that the controls for the Kaya are in the base of the shaft which is inserted in to your nether regions.  Will you be able to adequately operate them once the vibe is in situ and slippery?

Let’s find out but first here’s quick rundown of its features.

  • Offers 12 different vibratory patterns, something for everyone.  😉
  • Has two independent motors offering rotational vibration internally and clitorally.
  • Despite being powerful has a quite motor for discreet indulgence.
  • Water proof to a depth of 1 meter, so bath time is guaranteed to be fun.
  • Has an easy to operate interface with + & – buttons for speed and M button for “Modes”
  • Up to two hours of play from 2 x AAA batteries.

It’s a Bonk Holiday so lets go play!

I slipped out of my jeans and panties, leaving my t-shirt and bra on after all this was going to be a quickie before a trip to the pub for lunch.  Alex was working away in the office next door as I climbed under the duvet for some sexual gratification.

From experience I know that the Kaya’s silicone doesn’t cause drag if you’re wet and I was.  I pressed the speed selection button and pressed the tip of the vibe against my pussy, parting my lips and homing in on my moist opening.

The Kaya slipped inside me with ease and was firmly in place, pressed against my g-spot moments later.  It’s almost like PicoBong measured this vibe up specifically for me, the tip nuzzles nicely against my G Spot and the clit vibe homes in nicely on my swollen bud.

It just required me to tune in the vibrations to my frequency.  I maxed up the constant vibes which felt good but I have a preference for variable speed/patterns and pressed the mode button to the second escalation mode which felt soooo good.

My earlier concerns about the location of the controls turned out to be unfounded as they remain outside the body during use.

The shape of the Kaya rabbit enabled me to enjoy the vibratory stimulation hands free as it locked nicely in place when inserted which doesn’t happen very often.  I usually find that the vibrations work the vibrator out of me without a steadying hand, not in this instance, my PC muscles took a good hold.

Strong escalating vibrations felt good as they rippled inside my cunt but I needed something more to tip the balance and push me closer to orgasm.  I took hold of the rounded base, which felt comfortable when in my palm and rotated it quarter turn then back again.

That was it!  😉  The subtle movement massaged both my g-spot and my clitoris and with a few delft twists I was edging closer to orgasm.  I could hear Alex hitting the keyboard rhythmically as I quivered and came in an orgasmic rapture which left me panting and flushed.

I smiled as Alex poked his head round the door having heard me climax and ask “Are you feeling hungry now?”.

The Kaya is ideal for both seasoned users and sex toy newbies as it’s organically shaped and not at all threatening size wise.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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