Adrien Lastic Typhoon Vibrator
Adrien Lastic Typhoon Vibrator

I never fail to be impressed at the clean image Adrien Lastic have when it comes to packaging.  Not too fussy but not too plain either.

The outer white stylised sleeve is adorned with an almost life like image of the Typhoon whilst the rear displays the product information for 7 countries.  Now that’s wonderful that there are bullet points on the box for so many countries but…yes, there is a but.

This is to the detriment to legibility, for as you add more and more to the list the text reduces in size.  I now find that even with my glasses on the text isn’t as easy to read.  Now I’m not sure what you would do about this but it would be helpful if the text was larger, for me in particular.

Perhaps to use a heavier font maybe.

Anyway that’s a small aside and certainly not a deal breaker when it comes to Adrien Lastic’s imaginative palate of fun.  Their toys always bring a smile because they are so imaginative.

Once the white sleeve is removed the inner pink box is revealed, exposing the Typhoon in the cellophane window set in the front of the box.  And mine’s, unusually black.  A surprise as most female toys are pink or purple.

In terms of looks the Typhoon appears to be almost identical to the Cyclone, maybe the tip is a little more curved and the clitoral stimulator angles more.  The Typhoon is larger than a bullet but not as wieldy as a standard rabbit vibrator but offer shallow vaginal penetration.

Within the box you will find a multi lingual user manual which is quick and easy to follow and a black drawstring satin pouch in which to store your new friend.

No need to charge this one.  I just need to hunt down a couple of AAA batteries.  You sit tight and digest the interesting features of the Typhoon.

  • Is eager to please with 2 x motors, one mounted in the tip and one in the base.
  • Operated via a single pushbutton interface.  Press to start and work through the settings and press and hold for 3 seconds to stop.
  • Has 8 vibration modes to tease and please you, including 4 x speeds, 1 x escalation, 2 x pulsation, 1 x random.
  • Has a rippled shaft for added stimulation and pleasure.
  • Is quiet in operation for those moments when pleasure has to be stealthy.  😉
  • Offers and inserible length of 11cm and a diameter of 12cm.

In this particular instance I neither need to be quiet, nor stealthy.  The neighbours have gone to work and I’m having a bit of me time before work.  The only person liable to snitch on me is the cat.  Can he really do that?  Lol

However, he does seem to like being around when I’m having some playtime.

I think he has gone out to visit his cross eyed girlfriend down the road so I have some free time to pleasure myself without being watched today.

The Adrien Lastic Typhoon was patiently waiting in my bedside drawer to come out and play and I reached out and found him, taking deep under the depths of my duvet.

A few minutes between my pajama’d thighs and he would be ready to have some fun.  Having cloth between both of us subdues the cold of the silicone, which is advisable in Winter.  Either that or take your toy to the bathroom and hold under the warm tap for a short while.

In this instance there was no way I was moving from my warm, snuggle pit.  Lol

Moments later I applied a drop of water based lube to the tip of the Typhoon hoping to whip up my very own storm.

The shaft moved through me with ease as the undulating shaft massaged it’s way inside my vaginal walls.  Once fully inside me the tip came to ground against my frontal vaginal wall and the clitoral stimulator against the base of my clitoral hood.

Alignment felt good and I was ready to go with legs spread.

A press of the basal button had the vibrator spring in to action and I relaxed back in to the mattress, enjoying the steady thrum between my legs.

Desiring more I pressed the button a few times and found a pleasing pulsing mode but despite the vibrations being enjoyable they didn’t quite instigate a tsunami.

This vibrator isn’t going to bring on the storm if you are a sex toy veteran like me but would be perfectly suitable for a sex toy newbie or someone of a sensitive persuasion.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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