Lelo Hula Beads
Lelo Hula Beads

As Luxury pleasure products creators Lelo enter their 10th year of bringing contended smiles to faces we see a new concept of sex toy enter the market.

One which can be controlled via a wireless, hand held, motion sensitive control.  You can speed up the vibrations and in this particular case rotations by making rapid movements with the control.  This new technology is known as SenseMotion.

The Lelo Hula Beads are one of the products in the Insignia range which feature this uniquely configurable vibration control.  Feedback in the remote can be turned on or off.  When on the user will feel the same vibrations as the Hula user, so your partner could take control for a little more fun.

Your Hula Beads are packaged in a black glossy Box featuring an almost life sized product image on the rear, with a stylised image on the front.  As we have to expect from manufactures Lelo their packaging and products are quality.

Once opened you can slip the matt black textile effect finished box from the outer casing.  The internal packaging is classy and understated with the words LELO embellishing the middle of the box in glossy embossed text.

After lifting the lid of the internal box you presented with a black velveteen interior supporting the Hula beads and the SenseMotion control.  The mains charging lead is housed tidily in a compartment at the far end of the box.

Underneath the internal packaging you will find a black satin storage pouch containing a couple of batteries for the charger and the opening key for the control unit along with a sachet of lube to get your started, the user manual and 1 year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee card.

I’ll just put the Hula Beads on charge whilst you get to grips with the interesting bits.

  • Is controlled via a wireless remote which comes complete with 2 x AAA batteries.
  • Offers 8 modes of stimulation via a 3 button remote, including 2 x SenseMotion & 6 x preprogrammed modes which work up to a max range of 12m.
  • Can be fully inserted as long as you leave the retrieval loop visible or partially for shallow vaginal stimulation.
  • Gives 2 types of stimulation simultaneously, vibration and rotation of the head.
  • Made from seamless velvet finish silicone makes for a tactile and comfortable experience.
  • A full charge should provide up to 1.5 hours of playtime.
  • Is 100% for unrestricted bathroom use, so why not get a little wet and wild at the same time.  😉
  • The size of the balls and length are 3.9” x 1.5” x 1.5” from the base up.

TIP – make sure you read the user manual before use as the process of using the Hula Beads is not intuitive.

A quick wash of my Hula’s with anti bac soap and they were ready to go.  I just read that back and it sounds bit rude and we can’t have that can we?  Lol

I was a little nervous about using the Hula Beads because Kegel balls don’t do a lot for me and I hoped these would be more impressive.

Fingers crossed, I placed the HB’s on my bedside drawers and slipped out of my lower garments casting them to the floor.  I had drawn the curtains earlier in anticipation of my midday treat.  I’m sure the neighbours must wonder why my bedroom curtains are so regularly closed during the daytime.

Slipping under the duvet I reached over for the Hula Beads, holding them in my hand to warm them.  It wasn’t long before they had taken on my body heat.

The size of the first section is only small so I decided to use them sans lube, opting to wet them in my mouth instead.  Lube can also make small sex toys like these too slippery to handle properly.

It was a good move on my part because the first bead slipped in with ease.

I pressed and held the + button for 3 seconds starting the beads off in manual control mode and I enjoyed the buzz between my legs as I increased & decreased the speed by tilting the remote.  It was fun and the communication between the toy and the remote was excellent.

After a couple of minutes I realised that the HB’s were slowly making their way out of me so I pulled my legs together.  The sensation of single bead entry was nice and comforting with the sensation of a mild rotation inside me coupled with vibrations.

But I needed a little more stimulation because comforting isn’t what I’m aiming for.

I pushed the final bead inside me, ensuing that I kept a firm grasp on the retrieval cord.  Reinforcing the fact that if I’d applied lube this would be a little testing.

With both beads inside me it felt good as I played with the modes, moving through to the escalating ones and right back to manual control once more.

The vibrations were excellent but the shallow penetration really wasn’t doing it for me.  I persisted with it but gave up in the end.  I’m not saying that this toy failed in its task, it clearly didn’t and may rock someone else’s boat, just not mine I’m sorry to say.

I just had a thought bear with me…

Yes, as I thought.  Slipping the Hula Beads in your panties with the rotating head over your clit whilst sitting at your desk is…very good indeed.  I need to pursue this method of usage.  😉



By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.