Tingel Tip
Tingel Tip

I was immediately drawn to the Tingle Tip stand at the Adults Only Show in Birmingham recently. The poster on the back wall gave me a hint of what I was going to find there. It was a large image of an electric toothbrush head.

Now we have all heard the stories about women who got off using their electric toothbrush for stimulation. And I must say that I never subscribed to that. After all, wouldn’t the bristles scour your clitoris or labia. No, it never quite sounded credible to me.

So I made my way over with Alex to the stand and behind the counter stood the most pleasant and unassuming couple. You wouldn’t have believed that this couple had designed and created this miracle in womanly pleasures. And there before me stood Mr and Mrs Tingletip themselves.

They were very charming and helpful and only too keen to let me have a free sample of the Tingletip to take me and review. I was eager to get back home and give it a try to see if all the hype about this discreet vibrator was true. I regretted not having taken my electric toothbrush with me at the hotel. 🙁

The Tingletip comes with a very nice suedette pouch in black with purple ribbon drawstring. A nice touch. You can purchase your Tingletip here . It looks exactly like a toothbrush head for the Oral B range except that it doesn’t have any bristles for obvious reasons. Ouch!

You could quite easily take this with you in your handbag or even in your luggage if you were going on holiday without anyone batting an eye. I have already got my story ready if I should be discovered with this in my handbag. I’ll tell them it is a gum massager for my toothbrush. We all know the dentist advises you should massage your gums regularly to keep them healthy. 😉

I decided that I would broaden my usage of this little gem and use it to stimulate my nipples. I’ve lots of toys but none that can be applied to the nipple so directly so I thought I would give it a try.

Alex and I lay back in bed totally naked. I fitted the head to my toothbrush and turned it on. To my surprise and delight the power was amazing. Alex settled in beside me, he loves to watch me masturbate just as much as I do him.

Gently I lowered the vibrating head on to my semi erect nipple and immediately it responded and started to harden and grow. It felt wonderful, the vibrations were rippling down through my nipple and into my breast. I really can’t express just how powerful this toy is.

TingleTip VibratorAfter a few minutes I moved it over to my left nipple and got immediate results, the vibrations were firing my nerve endings and I couldn’t wait to place it between my legs. When I use my clit vibe it normally takes anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes for me to reach orgasm. Manually it can take as long as 20 minutes. So Alex rested up on his left arm and watched in anticipation as I parted my legs in readiness.

I took the water based lube from my bedside drawer. Always prepared…that’s me! I squeezed a blob on to my finger and ran it over my eager clitoris. It was cold and I jumped slightly as I applied it. I was now ready and the anticipation was overwhelming me. I get so excited at the prospect of trying new toys. 😉

As soon as I applied the tip to my clit my body was overcome with pleasure. My synapses were firing at a rate of knots as the strong waves of vibration rippled through my hard pink nub. “Jesus!”, I cried out. Alex suddenly perked up and moved in closer to watch me.

The initial sensation was one of strong vibrations and tingling. Then came the urge to giggle, it then felt tickly. I did giggle. Then OMG! Before I had any chance to compose myself my orgasm hit like a tidal wave without warning and my upper body raised from the bed as I screamed out with delight. Yes, I did say scream out…it’s the first time that I have been out of control like that. I’m not sure what I shouted I think it was “bloody hell!”, that’s the Yorkshire lass coming out of me. My eyes must have been popping out of my head with surprise because that is exactly how it took me, without warning.

Alex started to laugh next to me, he couldn’t believe just how quickly I had achieved orgasm.

I came fast. It must have only been a matter of seconds, certainly under a minute and I was a quivering wreck, spent and very, very happy. This is a personal best for me I have never come so quickly in all my life. It’s unbelievable that this apparently insignificant little toy could deliver such a wealth of pleasure and I thought I was an expert at this testing business now. 😉 All that enjoyment for just £11.99, you just have to try it for yourselves.

This toy is coming to work with me next week. 🙂

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