Fun Facttory Curve Dildo
Fun Facttory Curve Dildo

I spotted this on a site I just had to have it for a test drive. I’ve tested its vibrating cousin and it was fantastic, you can read that review here. But The Curve is beautiful to look at with its royal curl shape and is delightfully soft to the touch, enticing me with its promise of quiet delight.

The curve dildo requires no batteries and in return offers hours of silent fun. Nobody will ever know how much you enjoyed the experience providing you aren’t a screamer. 😉

It’s sculpted from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone in one of my favourite colours. It’s always useful to know the dimensions of adult toys heheh, so … it has an insertable length of 18cm with a girth at its head of 13cm. The closest I can describe the feel of it is to compare it to Playdoh. Albeit elastic Playdoh!. Do you remember just how soft and yielding it felt in your hands? A close second to natural skin in warmth and texture.

I expected this dildo to be rigid but it’s really quite pliable whilst remaining rigid enough to maintain it’s g-spot seeking shape. Yes ladies, this toy is designed to seek and find your most sensitive area and massage you into submission. A weapon of self-love.

Unlike some toys this one is odourless and completely submersible. So I plan to have a rerun with in the bath at some point.

My idea was to go off to our bedroom with my new Fun Factory dildo and pleasure myself, Alex is used to me doing this. It was Friday night and I made my way upstairs, reached in to my bedside drawer where my “Curve” was waiting and placed it on my bedside drawers whilst I slipped out of my clothing.

Alex was washing up after dinner and I was eager to try my new Curve. I love just holding it and looking at it, I know that sounds odd but its just such an aesthetic sex toy. I slipped between the sheets wearing…nothing. I was hot enough and didn’t require clothing. 😉

I took a tube of lube from my bedside drawer and applied a small blob to the end of the Curve. As I pushed it between my lips and inside me I shivered at the cold sensation of the lube against my pussy lips.

It popped inside me easily. The upward turn of the handle made manoeuvring easy. I pushed the dildo deep inside me and then slowly retracted it. I felt the smooth shaped head withdraw from my pussy, catching on my opening as it did so.

I pushed the Curve back inside me and as I did so pushed back on the opposing curve. This made contact with my g-spot and I immediately felt the sensation of wanting to pee. I had found the magic area. I continued to push the curved handle downwards and used the handle to work the dildo in and out of me. The silicone is easy to grip unlike the hard plastic used in some.

Despite being quite aroused and involved by now I became aware of a hand reaching between my legs, taking hold of the dildo. It was Alex. I let him take control. He pulled back the duvet and began to work the dildo slowly in and out of me. I took his hand and guided him to the right place, pushing down on his hand.

I was about to come and fell back down on to the bed as I felt the grip of my first orgasm. This inspired Alex and he began to work that dildo in and out of me eagerly. My knees were now up in the air and my feet placed firmly against the mattress, buttock pulled tight.

Alex was now breathing deep and audibly. He was still fully dressed laying with me on top of the duvet. I reached my hand down and pressed it against the crotch of his jeans. He was hard inside that denim and I was so horny.

FUCK! My feet began to tingle and my pelvic floor gripped as he brought me off once more. As I recovered I can remember myself reaching for Alex’s flies. I opened them and found his hard cock inside waiting for me.
The front of his boxers was wet, he had dribbled come whilst frigging me. I eased his cock out of the fly in his underwear and began to stroke him. He was so hard I could almost feel the blood coursing through his cock.

Alex helped me at this point, not without self-interest I may add. Hehehe

He was soon out of his trousers and underwear, cock bouncing invitingly in front of him. I gave it a quick suck and then guided him downward. He pushed between my swollen lips and gave me the fucking of a lifetime. I think I came another two or was it three times before I got on to my knees and let him fuck me doggy.

All the time he was fucking me the Curve dildo was next to my head and I could smell myself on it. Do you know just how horny your own smell can make you. If you don’t I suggest you give it a try just like this wonderful dildo. 😉

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