Fellas Wipes
Fellas Wipes

Fellas Wipes are an adult product that aims to promote freshness for a man’s “manatomy” and spontaneity when it comes to any intimacy you might want to get up to with your partner throughout the day.

So, what exactly is your manatomy?

The lovely people at Fellas Wipes indicate it’s those naughty bits that often get a bit sweaty and therefore unattractive to you, let alone your partner LOL. Here’s what they say:

Fellas weren’t designed to be a continuous substitute to you having a shower or bath; they are to help you stay clean while “on the move” and throughout the day, or when having a shower isn’t possible. You start by tearing the sachet open and opening up the towel into your hand, then gently rubbing all or part of your Manantomy until you are happy that you are clean. The liquid from the wipe incorporates a very mild orange flavour (amongst its other gentle and natural ingredients); rather than a fragrance, so compared to other wipes, its cleansing liquid is safe for oral contact. You soon dry, leaving you feeling clean, fresh and confident!

Let’s get the euphemism out of the way and talk facts.

First of all men get sweaty, it’s in the job description. That’s fine if you can shower but not if you are out and about, either all day or maybe just on a night out. There’s nothing worse than a set of Betty Swallocks now is there, especially if you’re about to get intimate with a sexual partner.

That’s where Fellas Wipes come in. By giving you a means to freshen up wherever you are Fellas wipes make intimacy possible where before the physiological realities of being a man might have but a stop to your fun. Alternatively of course you can use them just to feel a little more comfortable after a hard day’s graft when you can’t get near a shower or a bath to freshen yourself up.

So whether it’s a little bit of intimate freshness to make you feel better during a long day or as a courtesy to your partner at the end of a hot night in the club Fellas Wipes think they have the answer. But do they?

To test them out I picked a day working in an office with crap air conditioning. Humid hot and sweaty it was uncomfortable but serious claims need a serious test and by the end of the day my nads were going to be a test for any cleansing product.

Every Fellas Wipe is individually wrapped in a foil sachet. This keeps it clean and moist while it’s in your wallet, trouser pocket or car. Tearing off the top lets you extract the moist, orange-scented wipe. Unfolding the tiny bundle you find a rectangular cleansing wipe about 4 inches by 8 inches.

There’s enough moisture on the Fellas Wipes to give your manatony a thorough cleansing. What’s more you’ll find something incredible about the formulation that leaves you feeling fresh and dry without leaving any residue. I was a little dubious about the choice of orange as the scent, but it’s subtle and derived from natural products so works well. There is no chemical smell or icky gunk just cleansed skin.

A slightly larger wipe would have been nicer, but Fellas Wipes are not meant to give you a full body. Any bigger and the wipes would have been difficult to make flushable. Using just one of these wipes “downstairs” after a long sweaty day felt almost as effective as a thorough “conventional” wash, so having one hand for a night out or other in-the-field clean-up situations would be great.

Gentlemen, you ought to consider investing in a box.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.