Pleasure Glove
Pleasure Glove

I’ve performed many sex toy reviews covering all sorts of masturbators from the complex to the simple; The Pleasure Glove from Top Drawer Products is simple but quite unique in my experience.

Maturbators are the sort of sex toy that many men now use to provide a little variety when they are masturbating. The sensation of a hand on your cock is fine, be it your own or that of your partner, but many men prefer someone else’s hand of course! With the pleasure glove you transform your own hand into a pleasure-giving object that is easy to control but feels very different from anything else you have experienced.

The product comes with its own storage pouch and brief instructions about using a little water based lube. There’s little else to say, the purpose of the product is obvious and while you can use the glove for a little body massage its primary purpose is as an aid to masturbation.

I used a little lube and the glove to toy with myself while in bed. Grabbing yourself using a soft, gel-filled mitten is strange at first but immediately illustrates what I think is the best aspect of this toy – total control because your hand is in almost direct contact with your cock but a soft detachment that makes you feel as if someone else is playing with you.

Becoming hard quite quickly I found the glove warms to body temperature very quickly and gives you the sensation of being inside a warm, amorphous cocoon as you slide it around your shaft and glans.

There are no ridges or texture to add to the sensation, the experience comes from the interaction of the glove, your hand and your erection.

Clean-up is easy too. When the inevitable sticky conclusion arrives the simple design makes washing the Pleasure Glove simple.

If I had to make a criticism of this sex toy I would say that it could be a little larger, I don’t have huge hands but found another couple of centimetres of width would have been handy to allow more movement. But that’s only me being really picky. This is a new type of sex toy and one that gives a sensation unlike anything I’ve felt before. It’s not intensely stimulating like some masturbators, and that’s not what the designer wanted intended. There’s a sensuousness about this product that meant I wanted to indulge in a long, slow evening of masturbation rather than jerking myself off quickly. I can think of worse ways to spend and evening 😉 So put on some porn and indulge yourself with the pleasure glove.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.