Nexus Titus G-Spot Massager
Nexus Titus G-Spot Massager

I suppose I should start out this sex toy review by clarifying the name of this male sex toy. The G-Spot referred to is the male G-Spot, the P-Spot. With that point cleared up I’ll get on with telling you all about the Nexus Titus.

The Titus is made from hard ABS plastic, which makes it easy to clean but makes the toy totally rigid. The insertable section has a ridged shaft and a “pebble shaped” tip that sits against the P Spot when it’s inside you. Outside (when inserted) are two arms. The first houses a steel roller ball which presses against the perineum applying pressure which can be varied from gentle to very firm by how you are positioned. The second arm sits between your butt cheeks and allows you to move the Titus with your glutes.

Position is everything with the Nexus Titus. Because of its rigidity you have to find the right angle and body posture to insert it easily and once the toy locks in place, and it really does lock in place and press firmly against your P-Spot, you have very direct control over the toy’s movements and therefore the stimulation it provides. This is in contrast to anal sex toys constructed from silicone or soft plastics that will flex a little and often rely on a larger mass to give intense stimulation.

By gentle movements and careful positioning of your lower abdomen, legs and ass you can easily learn how to manipulate the Titus P-Spot Massager when it’s inside you. And of course because of the toy’s ability to deliver really intense stimulation the orgasms to be had with the Titus in place can be mind blowing.

The only two drawbacks for this toy are that the rigidity of construction mean you either get along with the Titus or you don’t. The experience a user has with anal toys is in my experience very personal and what works for one person is not so good for another. Secondly the lack of a vibrator means that if you get off on vibrations then this is not the toy to choose.

Unlike toys made from silicone or soft plastics this toy is compatible with all types of lubricant so you can use your favourite one for anal play with the Titus.

After use as I’ve mentioned the Nexus Titus Massager is easy to clean because of the materials used in its manufacture and because the only moving part, the steel ball, can be popped out of its cup with the special tool provided.

This is a good quality toy designed by a company who is renown for male anal sexual pleasure, it’s not perfect and some people will feel its rigidity is a drawback but for the intermediate anal sex toy user it’s certainly worth considering as it locks in place to ensure it stays put during intercourse and masturbation and delivers intense stimulation.

By Suze

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