The question that I asked myself when I first became aware of Vulva Original was “Who would buy this and why?”.

Vulva Original claims to replicate the natural scent of a woman. It states clearly that Vulva is not a perfume, it is something quite unique.

So to my question, who would buy Vulva Original. I thought I’d ask some people who knew, independent from the Vivaeros, I asked the staff at a retailer who sells the product. The response was enlightening and, when you think about it, blindingly obvious. They indicated that there are two types of buyer. Those who buy it “For a laugh”, by which I took them to mean a novelty, so try out on their friends to see if their friends knew what the scent was when “blind tested” on it.

The other group is more what the creators of Vulva Original had in mind; People who buy it to sniff while consuming porn, usually adult movies. It adds the fourth sense that the movie itself and auto-stimulation cannot provide. The only remaining sense if of course taste and you are very clearly warned that Vulva Original is for external use only, so don’t try tasting it.

Stimulating the most evocative sense, smell, can be very effective when it comes to changing someone’s state of mind. Because of this the scent has to be just right or the effect you achieve, no matter how powerful might not be the one you expected.

So, does Vulva Original recreate the scent of a woman?

Used as instructed the scent is very close to that of a woman’s vagina. You are told to apply the scent to your skin and wait for a minute or two to allow the scent to develop. This seems to do two things. First it allows the solvent carrying the scent to disperse and ensures the scent heats up with your body. The heating up appears to control the intensity of the aroma, sniffing by blowing through the nostrils and then inhaling through the nose increases the strength of the aroma, probably because of the increased heat and humidity this creates on the skin’s surface.

Over-heating the scent is not a good idea. The aroma changes from an evocative fragrance to one with the slightest hint of urine, or at least sweaty crotch. Of course the solution is simple, just let the area of skin holding the scent cool a little and your back to smelling sweat pudenda again.

The people at Vivaeros encourage you to carry the scent with you and apply it whenever you desire a naughty fantasy filled moment. It’s an interesting thought.

So, would I recommend you buy a vial of Vulva Original? I have to say, why not. It’s a unique product as far as I know, not least because it allows you to stimulate your sense of smell in a way that no other adult product does. You use the tiniest of amounts when you apply it so it will last for a very long time, therefore even at €19.90 it’s not too expensive.


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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