Tenga Twister Egg
Tenga Twister Egg

Male sex toy reviews do tend to be about male masturbators. The Tenga Egg series of male sex toys are the most compact male masturbators you can buy. Indeed when I tested my first Tenga Egg just a few weeks after they were released I couldn’t believe the size of the thing when it fell out of the padded enveloped it came in .

I had imagined that the Tenga Egg would be about half the size of a rugby ball … no. Tenga Eggs, including the Tenga Twister Egg which is the subject of this review, are about 7cm tall and 4cm across. So how I hear you all asking does this tiny device act as a male masturbator.

It’s quite simple really. Each tenga egg comes in a hard plastic shell, but it’s what’s insisde that is important. A stretchy silicone egg, hollow and thin-walled. The inside surface of the masturbator is what gives each Tenga Egg its unique name. They come in varieties such as “Wave”, “Clicker” and now  the “Twister” which as you can imagine has wavy contours on its inner surface. During transit a hard plastic former keeps the egg inflated in its hard plastic shell and within that is a sachet of lube.

You will need to use lube every time you use a male masturbator. Not doing so doesn’t bear thinking about – Ouch! In the  case of the Tenga Eggs the manufacturer will tell you that the single sachet of lube is enough for the life of the toy because according to them this is a one-use toy. Now, in a world with dwindling resources and tight budgets that doesn’t sit well with me. Other Tenga masturbators can’t be cleaned (with the notable exception of the Tenga Flip Holes) so unless you use a condom with them you are a little stuck, yet this one will turn inside out after use and can be thoroughly washed so the only reason to throw it away is when it is worn out (more of which below). So you ought to buy some good quality water based lube for continued use.

So what is the Tenga Twister Egg like in action? Suze decided to find out. Well, I did suggest she used it on me and she didn’t take a lot of persuading.

You can use the Tenga Egg masturbators on your own but due to an accident or perhaps feature of their construction they provide a unique spectacle for the user and any onlookers. Because the egg has to stretch to accommodate your erect penis as soon as you or your randy little assistant starts to slide it up and down your cock the translucent material from which it is constructed stretches so thin as to become almost transparent. With each stroke the head of your penis appears and disappears in a very gratifying and very naughty way.

The internal contours rub and stroke you penis, and because your hand is in direct contact with the soft masturbator you get complete control over the pressure applied. Suze loved this just as much as giving me a hand job, the visual aspect, the control and the effect she was having on me by pumping my cock with the Tenga Egg whilst experimenting with a twisting wrist action.

For me this isn’t the most stimulating Tenga Egg, I prefer the clicker which as its name suggests sort of flicks your penis. This is a more swirling sensation … so if you like that sort of thing.

One final feature of the transparency of the Tenga eggs is that you can see your own (or partners) ejaculation and their semen filling the egg. What a finish.

Tenga Eggs come singly or in boxes of six. Why would you need six if these ostensibly single-use sex toys are actually reusable? Well they will wear out eventually. At some point you will push your cock through the eng of the super-stretchy silicone material so having another close by can be very handy.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.