Scorpions Tail Prostate Massager
Scorpions Tail Prostate Massager

Male sex toy reviews  can be divided into three categories; Rub it on, slip it over or slide it up. This Scorpions Tail Prostate Massager falls into the slide it up category.

First impressions of this toy were very favourable. It is a simple shape made from ABS plastic and coated in black PVC. The size of this prostate massager doesn’t intimidate being not much thicker than my thumb along its whole length. The lines and undulations along the toy are smooth and the body of the device is flexible, all boding well for a comfortable experience.

You can use this vibrating prostate massager right out of the box as it comes with the two N size alkaline batteries required to power the vibrating bullet. Well, OK so you will need some good quality lube too but apart from that you are ready to rock.

Inserting the Scorpions Tail Prostate Massager is very easy. The tip is very narrow echoing the sting of the scorpion and widens out to the very manageable sized main shaft. The U-shape of this anal vibrator means that as you slide this inside your anus you draw it upwards towards you. When the slightly bulbous tip and undulating shaft slip into place and press against your prostate things lock gently into place and the two vibration controls are presented within easy reach nestled against your scrotum.

One of the two controls turns the vibrator on and off, the other cycles through the ten speeds and patterns. The buttons are easy to find and intuitive to use so couldn’t be simpler.

So how does it perform?

The toy is small enough to be easily inserted by even a beginner. The shape however ensures that unlike even some larger toys it is less prone to slipping out when in use.  This tendency to stay up is also enhanced by the U-shape which means that as this flexible toy slips into place the shaped shaft fits snugly inside and the external section presses gently against your perineum.

You can grip the toy by pressing your thighs together and experimenting, manoeuvring the prostate massager with your legs while altering the vibrating rhythms with the controls.

The intensity of the stimulation is very impressive even taking into account the size of the toy, indeed that may be part of the reason for the effectiveness of the massagers transmission of vibration from its internals to your internal. With little between you and the motor you feel immediately connected to the toy.

Each of the ten speeds brings its own pleasures, though as always I prefer a lower frequency pulsing pattern. The vibrations felt on your perineum were not as intense as I would have liked, but you can’t have everything.

Do I have any criticisms of this prostate massager? Not really. When I was cleaning it I accidentally opened the battery compartment, thus breaching the water seal. The base doesn’t quite lock as positively as I would like. A small point though and one that once you are aware of it becomes a non-problem.

All round a great anal sex toy for men suitable for beginners and upwards. Not the biggest anal vibrator around so if you are looking to be really filled look elsewhere. For most men this would make a really enjoyable toy to enhance solo play or fun with a partner.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.