Fleshlight Ice CrystalA sex toy review of a Fleshlight is quite a regular occurrence in my life. I have carried out more Fleshlight reviews than I can remember because of the number of variations the company produce on their basic model. Over time they have refined the design of the toy, improving the case, developing new sleeves and creating the Fleshlight Girls range. This particular Fleshlight review is unique because it’s the first Fleshlight I’ve reviewed with the translucent Ice Sleeve.

The model sent to me was the Fleshlight Ice Stealth Speed Bump Sleeve. So what’s that in English for the Fleshlight non-cognoscenti?

The case if a clear plastic of the newer design introduced a few years ago. (The old one produced a distinctive and somewhat off putting whistle when used because of the air displaced as you pumped your cock, flowing through the base. The sleeve also rubbed against the case lid when fastened, something that is less of a problem in the new design with a twist-lock rather than screw lid.

Inside is the sleeve; Stealth because the opening is a simple slit, not a vagina, anus or mouth. The internal contours are “Speed Bump”, as the name infers a series of bumps along the inside of the tube to stimulate and arouse you. And of course this is a Fleshlight Ice, so the sleeve is made from translucent Superskin.

Superskin is Fleshlight’s own variant on “realistic” ersatz skin for their masturbators. It does a pretty good job and well fully lubed is certainly one of the best materials available for toys of this type.

Because of its design this toy is not just about the tactile stimulation that other Fleshlights, indeed other masturbators provide for that matter. It’s about the added visual stimulation of seeing your cock inside the toy.

Before I get to that bit let’s talk about the other features of this male masturbator that are common to others in the Fleshlight range.  I’ve already mentioned the Superskin material, it works well and is easy to clean. The internal bumps add extra stimulation over the smooth Fleshlight counterparts. Personally although I find some of the Fleshlights with more life-like openings (mouth, vagina for example) to feel better against the base of my cock the stealth is pretty good. In this latest version of the toy they seem to have made it more bulbous than before, creating a dome around the entrance which works pretty well.

The Fleshlight comes with its own sachet of lube without which you can’t use the toy. I opted to use my favourite water based lube rather than that supplied. You will need to buy a small bottle of good quality water based lube if you buy a Fleshlight Ice. Don’t buy silicone based lubes and don’t use Vaseline as these may harm the toy.

But what about the ice bit? Well … it’s OK. You do get to see yourself sliding in and out, I like that a lot. However the Superskin material is translucent, not transparent so you don’t get to see everything in minute detail. Also because of the speed bump contours your view of your penis at work is distorted a little. So fun it is but anatomically detail gets a bit lost. You do however get to see yourself cum which is very naughty indeed.

You can use this Fleshlight on your own or with a partner as they will enjoy the view as much as you. Unlike smaller masturbators Fleshlights accommodate all cocks except the largest because of their diameter and length, yet still maintain a tightness that makes your toes curl.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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