Tenga Zen Masturbator
Tenga Zen Masturbator

Tenga produce a range of disposable and reusable male masturbators that have a distinctly Japanese feel to them. By this I mean that they are the sort of product that could easily have stayed inside Japan like many Japanese inventions because they are just a little different from what the rest of the world produces and uses.

Luckily for us this reusable masturbator and the rest of the Tenga range are available for everyone to enjoy.

The Zen Masturbator is made from their anti-bacterial “Ag Elastomer” which I assume means it contains silver which is a natural antibacterial. It is a one piece design with stimulating swirling ridges that are deep enough to give you sensation but easy to clean after use. The Tenga 3D Zen Masturbator comes on a black plastic stand inside a clear plastic case, the base of the case contains the instructions and a sachet of lubricant. Tenga refer to this as “Hole Lotion” which feels so wrong to me on so many levels but probably sounded better in Japanese. The legend “A soothing From [sic] of Release” on the base however makes me smile, I assume they meant “Form”.

The instructions state that the Zen 3D Masturbator is good for 50 uses, after which I have to assume the material starts to give out with all that pounding. It’s flexible but feels quite resilient so I can see you getting those 50 uses unless you’re particularly vigorous with it. I have to say that the instructions are supplied on a tiny sheet of paper and printed in quite small type so get your reading glasses at the ready.

The interesting thing about it is that when stored in the container the masturbator is inside-out so you can see the pattern that will stimulate you in use, and the masturbator dries easily when you’ve washed it.

As for using it I left that little chore to Suze. She inverted the Zen and squirted in some lube ready for me then gently toyed with my cock until I was ready to enjoy the masturbator. The entry hole is quite small but after a bit of skidding about she slid the Zen down the length of my cock until it fully enclosed me. The elastomer is so, well, elastic that you would have to be of a monstrous size not to fit inside though there’s a lot of fun to be had by just rubbing the head of you penis inside the Zen masturbator.

To begin with Suze’s devoted and diligent work on my erection wasn’t everything I had hoped for. She knows my body as well as I do but the subtle swirls of the Zen took a while to take effect, as if I needed to tune in to the toy. When I did tingling sensations radiated out from my frenulum across the tip of my cock and down my shaft.

Soon I was squirming about and watching Suze’s skilled hands at work on me, something we both enjoy. When fully stretched over my length the shape of my cock’s head could be seen pushing against the end of the masturbator. Suze didn’t need to be told I was about to cum, my face said it all and the arching of my back against the bed confirmed it.

After use you can clean the Zen Masturbator with water and then place on the stand to dry, after which you seal it up in the case ready for next time.

Using this masturbator I had to be a little patient, the stimulation created by the ridges took a while to kick in but when it did the tingling felt electric! I think that you might crave for different sensations so maybe consider buying two of the masturbators from the 3D range and select the one that suites your mood.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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