Rocks-Off Rude-Boy
Rocks-Off Rude-Boy

This isn’t the first Rocks-Off Rude-Boy Prostate Stimulator I’ve reviewed but there have been a few changes to this silicone sex toy since the first version appeared.

First a few things are the same as before. This is a “C” shaped prostate stimulator which applies vibrations to the perineum and has a smooth shaft which curls around and presses firmly against the male P Spot. The vibrations are provided as always by an RO-80mm Bullet – but wait! This is the new RO-80mm Bullet, 7 speeds in the same compact package.

The RO-80mm Bullet has three constant speeds, two pulsing , one escalating and a throbbing/pulsing mode to choose from, all controlled from one button – press once for on, press again to cycle through the modes then press and hold to turn off. Power comes from an “N” type battery which in my experience last quite a while, even when you store the toy for long periods between uses.

The box has been updated too, bigger, more classy, less plastic and more recyclable card. Unlike the old single speed Rude-Boy you get a satin tote bag to store your prostate stimulator in to so it will not pick up as much fluff in your sock drawer or wherever else you keep it between uses.

The RO-80MM bullet and therefore the whole toy is fully waterproof, so keeping it clean is very easy and unlike vibrating prostate massagers with an integral bullet the removable RO80 means you can replace it should it ever fail without having to buy a new Rude-Boy.

I decided not to read my previous review of this product before I tested this new version because it’s a while since I used the original Rude-Boy and I thought I’d keep it fresh. I immediately discovered why I’d kept my old one, though I’ve not used it for ages because I always have something new for testing.

I tried this prostate stimulator out for a little bit of solo play, yes, masturbation. A squirt of nice thick water based lubricant and the stubby tip of the Rude-Boy was heading inside me. Unlike some of its brothers in the Rocks-Off range of prostate stimulators it fills and gently massages rather than stretches your ass and/or insistently probes your prostate. Let me explain, I find that the slimmest of the range, The Naughty-Boy is easy to insert but stimulates me very intensely, too much so on occasion because of its shape. Others in the range such as the bad boy are real ass stretchers and are great for guys who like to feel filled … and then some, which isn’t what I generally look for. No the Rude-Boy allows me to slowly become aware of its presence while filling my ass to a pleasurable level.

What I found is that with the Rube-Boy in place, cock in hand and kneeling on the ground so I can push and rock the Rude-Boy hands free it gives great stimulation. The pulsing settings are the best for me, no surprise there and while most of the stimulation is against my perineum and balls some does travel inside to rock my P Spot.

Being filled like this and with vibrations thrumming away under there can be only one outcome – me cumming very deeply and for quite a long time. When I use a stimulator like this my ass clenches around it at the point of orgasm and my whole body shakes delivering an orgasm that can make you really light headed. Something I can heartily recommend.

My only criticism of the Rube-Boy is that because there is no neck at the base it doesn’t stay in place easily, for example it I wanted to use it during sex. But if you’re using this for solo play, or masturbation with a friend then this is a great male sex toy for anyone from an anal beginner to
experienced user, so long as you don’t lust after huge ass toys. Although the insertable section looks quite thick in fact it’s easy to insert with a little lubricant and feels great against your perineum. Prepare to have your orgasms intensified!






By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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