Amorino Vibrator From Fun Factory
Amorino Vibrator From Fun Factory

I have to start this review admitting that I was intrigued by this vibrator when I first saw it at the recent eroFame show in Hannover, Germany.

The Amorino is the standard mini vibrator I have come to know and love from German manufacturers Fun Factory.  But it came with an add-on…a yellow rubber band.  This left me slightly perplexed because I couldn’t see quite how this would add anything to a mini vibrator.

The Amorino DeluxeVIBES vibrator arrived from Sh! In a discreet white padded envelope.  Once opened the vibrator was exposed, as usual distinctively wrapped in fuscia pink tissue paper.

As usual for current Fun Factory pleasure products the Amorino was encased in grey polka dot sleeve complete with almost life sized image of the contents.  Once opened the recyclable packaging revealed the standard pictoral user manual which is perfectly illegible! I needed to get the magnifying glass out to read the technical information on it because of the font sizes and while it looks good the grey-silver-minky background and white writing gives terrible contrast for reading in low light.  If you don’t have one to hand you can download the manual from Fun Factory’s site.

A useful and encouraging tip in the leaflet is that you should use the vibrator regularly as it will increase the life of the battery.  Well, that’s ok by me.  😉

I attempted to understand the significance and usage of the supplied “yellow band”.  From the instructions I managed to ascertain that the band should be removed for vaginal or anal penetration.

Now I find myself even more intrigued.

The Amorino has a yellow band stretching from the tip of the shaft to the clitoral stimulator and from what I’ve read is for enhanced clitoral stimulation.

Charging is easy with the magnetic Click N Charge system and USB lead provided.  When in charging mode the lights of the Amorino vibrator cycle through a sequence one after the other.  Once fully charged the FUN light periodically flashes.

Right, mine’s ready but before we disappear off to the bedroom here are her features:

  • Is fully waterproof for bedroom to bathroom fun.
  • Offers 6 modes of vibration and 6 speed settings to enjoy.
  • Has a 3 button interface with independent On/Off via the FUN button for quick termination should it be required.
  • The average charging time is between 6-8 hours and once charged has a standby period of 3 months which is handy.
  • Is easily slipped in to your handbag or glove box for some fun on the run.  😉

So now that’s out of the way lets go play!

I was eager to try the Amorino with the band in place to see what all the fuss was about.

After pulling the curtains and removing my jeans and panties I was ready for a quick midday thrill.  My treat for being a busy bee this morning.

Determined to return to my outstanding emails I left my bra and t-short on.  The danger of slipping off under the duvet naked is that you have your fun and then nod off.  Lol

The bedroom was lovely and warm because I remembered to close the window in advance.  🙂  So I lay on the mattress with the duvet turned back.

I placed the soles of my feet together encouraging easy access to my now excited vagina.  Can you have an excited vagina?

A press of the FUN button started the Amorino up in constant vibration mode.  I added a little more umph, pressing the + button up to the max them descended on my awaiting clitoris with the tip gliding the full length of the vibrator over my pudenda.

The Amorino may not be quiet but it packs a lot of punch.  😉

As with all Fun Factory vibrators the vibrations were deep and resonating and I felt myself swelling in their wake.  But didn’t sense any enhancement to the sensations as a result of the “yellow band”.  For me this made no real difference to the stimulation on offer.

The tip of this vibrator would work just as well on its own.

Regardless I continued to play, running the silicone tip around my clitoris and it felt soooo good!

I didn’t even get the chance to savour the other vibratory patterns before my back was arching, I was twitching and heart was racing.

Then bang…I came, flushed and panting.

Being a mini vibe the Amorino isn’t at all challenging in size so would be a great for all levels of user apart from the sensitive ones.  It could just blow your mind…so use sparingly.

As for the yellow band, well you can take it or leave it.  In my case I’ll leave it as it offers nothing to the experience.





By Suze

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