Doc Johnson Super Ball Sucker
Doc Johnson Super Ball Sucker

Having something sucking on your scrotum is something that most men enjoy, however it’s usually their partner and not a sex toy. I’ve never encountered anything like this sex toy before – I’ve seen ball stretchers before but never seen a sex toy that is actually designed to suck your balls and stimulate them in this way.

To clarify, ball stretching is something that some men choose to do which, by means of various weighted devices and metal rings that stretch the scrotum either permanently or temporarily. This can be for aesthetic reasons or because you simply enjoy the feel of it. The Super Ball Sucker is not that kind of device – it simply allows you to enclose your balls in a soft cup made from Doc Johnson’s soft, phthalate-free UR3 material and if you wish stimulate them with a 7 function vibrating bullet.

The bullet has three constant speeds and four pulsing/escalating settings which is pretty standard for a generic bullet these days.

Honestly, I was a little sceptical, never having tried any scrotal play and wasn’t expecting a great deal from the Super Ball Sucker. However having received this device for review I was prepared to give it a go!

The opening of the cup is necessarily small so that once in place the rim grips the base of your scrotum and stays in place. It’s an act of faith stretching the cup enough to lower your balls inside then letting it close on them again, I braced myself for a tight pinch that never came. The cup fitted firmly but not too tight. I’d already removed the paper disk from the bullet that isolates the pre-fitted batteries during transit and slipped it into the channel in the base of the cup so, still squatting I started to experiment.

The weight of the cup was in itself enjoyable, swinging with my scrotum as I moved around and catching on the mattress unless I raised myself up enough. The bullet is powerful, which is good because UR3 absorbs a lot of the vibration and I found just enough stimulation reached my testicles to make them feel good.

You could if you liked walk around with the Super Ball Sucker attached to your ball sack but not wear it while making love in the missionary position because of the length of it. You would find it dragging on the bed. Masturbation is certainly an application, to provide a different form of stimulation than you’d get from even a vibrating masturbator.

If you want to experience the Super Ball sucker during sex then doggy style is the position to use where the Super Ball Sucker can swing feely, gently tugging at your sack while swinging and colliding with your partner’s pussy lips. Something new for you both.

The Super Ball Sucker was something of a revelation to me and good fun to use. It’s the sort of sex toy that you could easily pass by in a store or online because it doesn’t fit into a “popular” category and is not something that normally springs to mind when you think of enhancing your sexual experiences with a partner or when playing solo.

The Super Ball Sucker didn’t stimulate a super earth shattering orgasm in me or make me want to shout its praises from the roof tops but I did enjoy wearing it, it was different and fun for us both. If you’re looking for something different then give it a try.



By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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