Adrien Lastic Romeo FHL
Adrien Lastic Romeo FHL

Romeo FHL is another vibrator in Adrian Lastic’s repertoire of interesting and functional pleasure products.  As I’ve mentioned several times before this company have impressed me with the diversity and inventiveness of their range.

Their collection of products is to undergo and expansion in 2013-2014 with lots of new products, some of which I am hoping to pick up at the eroFame show I’m attending in Hanover.  I will be bringing back a further 5 new products for testing and review.

I think my suitcase will make for some interesting scanning at the airport.  Lol

As with all Adrien Lastic’s products the packaging is attractive, informative and classy. The internal Pink patterned box embellished with a silver logo has a clear product shaped window so you can see your vibrator without taking out of the packaging.  But it cannot be viewed with outer white casing on, which has a picture of the Romeo FHL on the front and bullet points on the rear.

Inside the inner package the Romeo is presented in a clear plastic housing under which lies the instruction booklet and black satin draw string storage pouch to keep your new toy clean.

As for the Romeo itself, the “U” shaped vibrator is made from a velvet touch silicone and flexes to aid insertion and use.  This toy allows you to enjoy hands free play.  On first inspection it appears that the Romeo “holds on” to you with its heart shaped tale.

Enhancing the “hands free” experience even more, you are able to operate the Romeo vibrator with the LRS system I used earlier with both the Bonnie & Clyde and the Ocean Dream.  It’s a great idea, one remote control operates three of Adrien Lastic’s products meaning you only have to make the one LRS remote purchase to operate 3 vibrators.

Your Romeo FHL vibrator can be charged in one of two ways via the USB lead provided.  Either via a vacant USB port on your PC or with the mains adapter provided.  For mains charging you will require a two pin plug adapter, the kind you would use with your toothbrush or electric razor.  As I’ve said before it would be great if they could one day develop a 3 pin plug charger for UK usage.

Take a look at what the Romeo FHL has to offer while I put it on charge.

  • Has two motors to stimulate and arouse your most intimate places.
  • Is operated via remote control so no awkward button pressing to do.
  • Shaped to fit a woman internally and stay in place for truly hands free operation.
  • Offers 10 functions including 3 x constant, 6 x pulsing and 1 x random mode.  Plenty of modes to try and enjoy.  And try again.  😉
  • Charging takes up to 1.5 hours and lasts up to 3.5 hours of vibrating pleasure.
  • It is waterproof, designed to be enjoyed in the bedroom and bathroom.

I love the shape of the Romeo FHL, he looks the business with his flexible “U” shaped shaft which should yield to fit a woman’s anatomy for comfort and ease of use.  And I for one couldn’t wait to get started.

Of course before I do I need to turn him on…oooh errr!  This is done by pressing the top of the “A” on then bend of the shaft.  Simply press and hold for 3 seconds and you will hear a deep thrum.  Likewise to turn your vibrator off repeat the process and you will hear the deep thrum twice.  Your Romeo should now be powered off.

Quick follow me…

Thanks to the central heating I dared to throw off my lower clothing but I wasn’t quite daring enough to dispense with my upper garments but that’s not going to hold back the fun now is it?  Lol

I placed the soles of my fee together, knees pressed against the mattress in readiness to be penetrated.  An enjoyable state of affairs as my heart beat tells.  😉

Looking at the tip of the Romeo I wasn’t sure if I would require some lube to aid the passage of its bulbous tip inside me.  It turned out to be a wise decision to elect not to use any as I felt every one of those bad boy ridges enter my swollen vaginal passage.

Then “lock & load” effect kicked in.  This vibrator wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry as the tip skidded over my g-spot and my vaginal muscles decided they weren’t giving up my treasure any time soon.

It felt good to be filled.  The tail of the Romeo pressed against my pubis narrowly missing my clitoris due to the wide U shape of the vibe but I still had to power him up to see if the vibrations were adequate to clitorally stimulate me without direct contact.

A few presses of the “+” button on the remote took me to a deep throbbing pattern which was very pleasing.  Ok, there was no direct contact with my clit but all the same the internal vibrations against my g-spot and the clinging effect of the shape had me quite literally in its grips.

The Romeo felt so securely anchored inside me I decided to sit up off the bed and then raise to standing.  Remarkably the Romeo remained in place with no slippage and I was enjoying the experience of having my pussy filled and remaining upright.

Yes, you can enjoy vertical stimulation with strap-on devices and bullets secreted in underwear but not whilst being penetrated and simultaneously vibrated.  This was a whole new experienced and the trade off of not having direct clitoral stimulation paled in to insignificance.

Here I was stood in the kitchen making a cup of tea and being brought off!

As the kettle boiled I tried parting my legs as far as I could to see if the Adrien Lastic Romeo parted company with me…

…He didn’t.  🙂

You don’t get much more hands free than that.  Do you?

The kettle boiled and so did I with the deep resonance of the vibrations against my g-spot.  A totally unique and enjoyable upright orgasm with penetration.

This may not be a first-timers toy but it’s certainly one to aspire to.  Especially if you enjoy orgasming off your back.  😉





By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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