Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator From Rocks-Off
Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator From Rocks-Off

This company has an impressive collection of adult toys in its armoury of pleasure products.  Therefore there is a certain amount of expectancy about a release from UK manufacturers Rocks-Off. They’ve been around for many years now and know what the public want.

And I’m proud to wave my little Union flag to support British industry.

Right, I’ll get off my soapbox now.  Lol

The Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator from Rocks-Off is presented in a very plain sleeve embellished with the branding and product name.  This serves to protect your rabbit vibrator whilst in transit.  Once this is removed you are taken in to the world of Rocks-Off with their distinctive matt black styled box which serves to offer product information on the sides and a tempting glimpse of the Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator sitting resplendent in her clear plastic holder.

Removing the plastic inner reveals the multi-product manual and black satin storage pouch which is fully legible with my glasses on.  I’m pleased to report.  So often do I have to find the magnifying glass, which makes me feel old.  🙂

The Rocks-Off Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator feels sturdy and the silicone velvety soft to the touch.  She even stands on her cleverly designed heart-shaped base.  Handy for placing this sex toy on your bedside table/drawers after use when she may be covered in more than just lube.  😉

And another great feature of all battery operated products from Rocks-Off is that they come ready to make you come.  They are pre-loaded with batteries!  How thoughtful of them.

Roxy’s heart shaped base enables you to hook two fingers through her whilst using your thumb to work your way through her extensive vibration settings.  And this rabbit doesn’t just have 2 motors, she has 3 to work her magic on you.

The rear of the User Manual supplies the information required to download your 6 month product guarantee and gives you your Warranty Activation Code.  It couldn’t be simpler.

So what does Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator offer?

  • 100% waterproof assurance for that all round bathroom experience.
  • Has an insertable length of 11cm and a circumference of 11cm.
  • 50 x vibratory settings for your pleasure.
  • Batteries included so you are ready to go from the get go!
  • 2 x push button independent interface, 1 controls the shaft whilst the other controls the rabbit.  Simply press and hold for 3 seconds to terminate vibration.
  • Offers whisper quiet vibrations for discreet use.
  • So let’s see how Roxy performs in the bedroom.  😉
  • Three motors!

It was steaming hot and 6pm in the evening when I entered the bedroom.  I drew the curtains and quickly dispatched my clothing to the bedroom floor.  No duvet required!

I assumed the position.  Placing the soles of my feet together and letting my knees drop to the bed.  This position is good for penetration and access.

The Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator slipped inside me with ease but I only managed to take ½ here length before the soft silicone bunny ears made contact with my clitoris.  Her ears are the perfect combination of soft but firm to give a comfortable clitoral massage.

A press…a press.  OMG!  The buttons on the interface are hard to press and don’t feel very positive.  In fact the more I pressed them the more uncomfortable it became to move through the settings.  My thumb was now becoming quite tender from the pressure you need to apply to switch modes.

Next I set the rabbit ears in motion and again the button was very stiff and awkward to use.  At one point it started to click with each press and at one point locked so I couldn’t advance through the settings.

Not very impressive for a company whose products are normally of great quality.

After the intial “clunk, click” through the speeds and modes I found a pattern which took my mind off the experience so far and I started to relax and enjoy the vibrations on offer.

I’m not sure the internal shaft grounded against my g-spot but the clitoral stimulation when the Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator was rotated ever so slightly left and right was doing the trick for me.  😉

I found myself tilting my pelvis in my I’m about to come way as my breath became rapid and shallow.  Then BANG!  Job done…

Roxy-Rabbit Vibrator Summary

Roxy-Rabbit vibrator from Rocks-Off would be a good vibrator for beginners to intermediate if you can cope with the thumb pummeling, hard to operate control buttons.  For me it didn’t really rock my world as a rabbit vibrator.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.