Ihora Sakura From Tenga

Yes, you would be forgiven for thinking that Tenga only make products for males.  The Iroha range is Tenga’s first foray in to the world of women’s pleasure products.  Offering 3 mini vibrators crafted in the same soft flesh like material used for their masturbator range, of Fleshlights.

The Iroha Sakura vibrator is presented in a matt black outer sleeve featuring an image of the contents on the front and product information on the rear.

Once the sleeve is removed the pink and white boxes within are revealed.  The white box houses the Iroha Sakura’s User Manual and USB charging lead complete with plug for mains charging.  A nice touch, being given the choice of charging method.  🙂

The pink box contains the Sakura which is nicely presented in a clear hard plastic case with the base doubling up as a magnetic charger.  A very practical idea, a charger which doubles up as a protective case for your new toy!

Inside the Sakura sits on a card base which contains quick user notes and isolates the vibrator from the charging points during transit.

As I attempted to attach the lead to the base unit I noticed that the plug was upside down in the base and not the usual way up.  Whoops!  Lol. Forgivable, as the presentation up to now has been good.

So how does the Sakura feel?  I suppose it’s best described as soft, pliable and stroke inducing.  Its name “Sakura” means cherry blossom.   This vibrator is petite and sits nicely in to the palm of your hand just like a petal from the cherry blossom tree.

The one thing which spoils the Sakura’s looks is the moulding around the control panel, it’s a little uneven and rough looking which could be the result of using such a soft material to house hard internal workings.

Here’s the rundown on the Iroha Sakura, take a look whilst I slip off to give her a quick wash.  I’ll be right back…

  • Has a soft, flesh like feel which feels good to hold and play with.  🙂
  • Offers 3 x speeds and 1 x pulse mode of vibration.
  • Is easily controlled via 2 x push buttons in the base.  Simply press the “+” button to advance through the speeds and the “–“ button to go back or press and hold to turn off.
  • A full charge of 120 minutes offers up to 90 minutes of pleasure play.
  • Has a whisper quiet motor for stealthy bedroom fun.

I’m back!

Follow me.  Come on, don’t just sit there.  Lol

It’s dark and miserable outside and I feel like going against tradition and leaving the curtains open.  I haven’t abandoned my usual attempts to be discreet.  This time I don’t particularly need to as it’s so dark outside.  And I do have admit it adds a slight element of risk.  If a crane driver/cherry picker should drive past my house then I’ll be outed. :

I’m just slipping out of my jeans and panties.  Go sit on the other side of the bed and you can watch.

I must be honest and reveal my fear that the Sakura may not be all she could.  Will the soft silicone outer absorb all of her power and leave me floundering like a beached fish?  Searching for that elusive orgasm.

Despite feeling very tactile, will that fleshy outer be her downfall absorbing those powerful vibrations?

Open minded and legged I stretch out on top of the duvet.  Heart starting to race as it does in anticipation of the potential orgasm on the horizon.

I took one last look at the control panel of the Iroha Sakura to memorise the up & down controls before application to my very, very happy clitoris.

A few moments of holding the vibrator in my hands brought it up to body temperature, ready for play.  I gave her a cheeky squeeze before lowering her between my open legs and in between my moist lips.

She made a very smooth entry.  No chilling feeling, just a soft interruption.  A soft landing is the best way to describe the Sakura’s meeting with my clitoris.  She feels so comfortable nestled against my swollen, engorged clitoris.

This vibrator feels so comfortable sitting against your clitoris and parting your labia majora. (add link)  I pressed held the “+” button and the Sakora fired up.  She felt good but could do better.  I pushed the button a couple of times taking her up to maximum continuous vibration and she felt…GOOD.

I briefly slipped in to pulse mode and decided to return to max vibration as it felt so good previously.

The Sakura can best be described as offering a soft and gently hug around your clitoris whilst offering up some good vibes.  I added a side to side action and found myself edging close to orgasm.  Hips tilted, feet together, I slipped in to a warm, embracing orgasm which crept in and stole my breath briefly as I twitched with pleasure.

The Iroha Sakura is a non threatening vibrator which is comfortable and easy to use, one for all level of user.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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