Lelo Liv 2
Lelo Liv 2

You would think that perfection cannot be improved upon but Lelo are endeavouring to do this by releasing mark 2 versions of their famous vibrator range.

From the moment you slip the matt black box out of the clean and crisp outer purple box with white inset image of the product on the rear you know you are entering a world of quality entertainment.

Once the lid of the black box is removed you are presented with the Lelo Liv II mounted in its black velvet liner.  Housed in the lower section of the box is the mains charger, user manual, handy sachet of lubricant, product registration card and black satin draw string storage bag.

The Lelo Liv II is a petite, multiuse vibrator which would be comfortable to use vaginally & clitorally not to mention on all those sensitive little spots.  😉

I was pleased to read in the user manual that you can now download the full instructions on Lelo’s site, I’m all for saving the forests.  However, when I logged on to the site and the relevant area there wasn’t an option for this version of the Liv II.  Lelo you need to sort this out.

It’s a good thing that the Liv II was supplied with a fact sheet which I had to refer to but it was pretty basic, like the user manual not telling you how many speeds you have unlike the original which had 12.

The halo around the Lelo Liv will illuminate and flash when the vibrator is charging.  Once the LL is charged the light will remain constant.

So what does the Liv II offer…

  • 100% waterproof play facilitating safe bathtime fun.
  • Is fully rechargeable.  A one 2 hour charge will give you up to 4 hours of playtime.  😉
  • Can be programmed as a 1-4 button interfaced vibrator for ease of use and versatility.
  • With a g-spot curve you should hit that spot every time.
  • Offers double the power of the original to tease and please you.
  • Quiet vibrations make for stealthy play.
  • Is ergonomically shaped to feel good and sit nicely in the hand.

Unfortunately, space doesn’t allow me to compare the original with this later version.  I had to trim down my hardcore stash of vibrators due to lack of storage.  With 9 years of sex toy testing and reviewing under my belt there simply isn’t room to keep all of the products I test.  I would need to hire storage space at Big Yellow Self Storage.

It’s the usual washout of a Bank Holiday here and the thought of bringing a little orgasmic sunshine in to my day made me smile as I washed the Lelo Liv with antibac soap, prepping her for use.

It was a humid day and the bedroom was a nice temperature to simply lay on top of the duvet and that’s exactly what I did after slipping off my jeans and panties.  The birds were singing in the trees and despite the weather I felt a sense of all being well with the world.

I decided to use the Lelo Liv II in 4 button interface mode, I’ve used so many of their toys that I know the controls now.

Holding in the + button took the constant setting up to max and despite it being a deep thrum it didn’t feel like it was twice the originals speed.  But nonetheless I applied the tip to my clitoris and immediately felt my pink nub react as if standing to attention.

The buzz between my fleshy lips felt really good and I added a side to side movement to intensify the feeling.  😉  Lelo Liv’s rounded silicone tip is ideal for teasing your clitoris for some targeted clit orgasms.

But not now, I need to try out the curved shaft.

Slipping the LL in to my vaginal opening was easy because the girth of the shaft isn’t large and challenging.  The vibrator was soon up to the metal hilt inside me and grounded against my frontal vaginal wall.  To be precise my g-spot.

I always find that the acid test for a g-spot vibe is if it will remain in place once you remove your hands.  I’m happy to say the Liv did.  🙂

The constant setting was good but I wanted to see what else she had to offer.  A few presses of the mode button and I found a wonderful escalating mode.  This was the one.

It was so deep that my pelvis was resonating in time with the vibrations.  I was almost there but I needed just that little bit more stimulation.  Grabbing the base I started to fuck myself, moving the Liv in and out of my vagina without completely removing the vibrator.  Keeping a constant pace up I soon found myself edging towards orgasm.

Deep vibrations coupled with the massaging of my g-spot pushed me over the edge.  The tingling started in my toes then worked its way up my body and in to my pelvis as I enjoyed my sweet release.

The Lelo Liv II is a great all rounder for all levels of vibrator user and isn’t as wieldy and cumbersome as some of the other g-spot vibrators out there.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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  1. Great review. I LOVE Lelo products and I just might pick up the Liv after reading your thoughts on it. I am pretty sensitive and like a wide range of vibrations, but don’t need it to be super-hard.

    Sucks about the online manual, but I found their youtube vid very helpful:


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