Eve Body Responsive Rabbit
Eve Body Responsive Rabbit

I was intrigued by this rabbit and was eager to sex toy test and review it.  It claims to have three pleasure zones which respond to contact with the body.  These zones are set in the shaft at intervals and feature as fuschia coloured bands on the lilac shaft.

To my knowledge it’s the only rabbit vibrator to feature zones which have their own vibration programme.

It is recommended that you cleanse your toy using sex toy cleaning wipes, this is probably because the seals on this rabbit don’t look at all water tight.  I don’t have any wipes so I’m going to clean mine very carefully with soap and water with the handle out of reach of the water.

On the box they claim that the Eve Body Responsive Rabbit offers “Hands free body responsive technology” which I will be putting to the test.  It’s great when you can leave a toy to work its magic without any intervention.

It all sounds very exciting and I can’t wait to experience it…but first let’s take a look at her features:

  • The shaft incorporates 3 x pleasure zones which respond to your body as you use it.
  • With 7 function rabbit ears there is bound to be something to tickle your fancy.  😉
  • Has an independent On/Off button and a settings button for ease of use.

Eve is now cleaned with batteries loaded and ready for action.  Just one thing I need to do, just a moment while I find a bottle of water based lube…

…experience tells me that this TPE vibrator will require lube, I find that most none silicone vibes tend to grab and need to be slicked up before they are slipped in.

With lube in one hand and Eve in the other follow me to the bedroom for some afternoon delight and an escape from the heat of the day.  Never happy us Brits are we, moan if it’s raining and also if it’s hot.  Lol

Being able to wander off to the bedroom and test sex toys whenever I’m in the mood I find is the most effective way to review them.  But it wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t self employed, can you imagine trying to sneak in a quick wank during work hours.  😉

To avoid any unnecessary attention I’ll pull the curtains to, you make yourself comfortable over on the other side of the bed.

It was too hot to be wearing clothes so I slipped out of my dress, panties and bra, feeling much more comfortable in the heat.  I applied a couple of drops of lube to the tip of the Eve Body Responsive Rabbit, smearing them around the shaft.

Laying back on the mattress I spread my legs and placed the cool tip of the vibe against my labia.  With a small steady push I entered my pussy, parting my lips to accommodate the girth of the shaft.  Once inside me I pressed the On button and must have been perfectly placed to trigger the first “pleasure band”.

A constant buzzing was now thrumming through my vaginal walls.  I pressed the rabbit control until I found an enjoyable pulsation mode.  Things were starting to hot up as both my vagina and clit were being stimulated.

I pushed in the Eve Rabbit a little further and felt the pulsation pleasure band being hit.  Oooh, that was sooo good.  😉

Then one more gentle push and I was experiencing the final constant setting pleasure band.  Now to play a llitle…

Having enjoyed all three pleasure bands individually it was tine to step things up a little.  I know you were watching quietly over there, wishing it was you.  ;0

I had a moment of inspiration, moving the vibe in and out, fucking myself with it would give me all three settings.  And OMG did that feel good!  But there was more to come.  How about I add a twist to each inward thrust to give my clit a rub at the same time.

Fucking ace!

After only a few moves I was on the brink of an almighty orgasm.  The contrast between the vibrations and the clit stimuli was enough to push me over the edge.

I quivered as I came right next to you.

Was it as good for you watching as it was for me?

The Eve Body Responsive Rabbit may be a little challenging for the sex toy newbie but would be a hit with moderate to experienced users.  Not because of its controls because this rabbit vibrator is an easy one to operate but because it does have a substantial girth for a new cummer.  😉





By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.