Seven Creations Vibrating Bullet
Seven Creations Vibrating Bullet

It’s a while since I got my hands on a remote control bullet vibrator for sex toy testing and reviewing and this one has quite a stylish look.

Bullets are such a versatile toy and you can use some real creativity in their usage.  They quite literally slip in to most things including bra cups, pants and pockets and in my case they can amuse the cat for a considerable amount of time.  Lol

They also slip nicely in to your guy’s budgie smugglers and nestle against his perineum, should he wish to share with you.  Give it a try.  😉

Because the Seven Creations Vibrating Bullet is waterproof I had no reservations about running a bowl of water and giving it a jolly good seeing to with anti-bac soap.  Then I carefully dried it with a towel.  Totally loving the business end of this toy, it reminds me of a Christmas bauble with a hidden secret.

Right let’s see if this bullet is the right calibre for me.

Oooh, before I do here are some points of interest…

  • Features a streamline control unit with independent  On/Off switch which is useful for emergency stops.  Lol
  • With a 68cm remote lead which should give you pants to pocket connectivity.
  • Is fully waterproof for bathtime fun.
  • Offers 7 modes of vibration including, 3 x constant speeds, 3 x pulsating and 1 x escalating modes for your enjoyment.
  • Is quiet but powerful in operation, for discreet play outdoors or in for that matter.
  • Operated via 2 x AAA batteries.

I made my way in to the bedroom to find Alex reclining and wistfully playing with his cock, a sight usually reserved for toy testing.  But this time he didn’t have a masturbator patiently waiting on his bedside drawers.

He was waiting for me!

But before I could get down to any hanky panky there was something I had to do.  My bullet vibe needed to be played with.

It was hot and sticky in the bedroom, just like it had been all day and I was eager to slip out of my clothes.  Alex continued to stroke his cock gently and with no sense of emergency, almost accepting that he would have to wait.

There was work to be done.  😉

I slipped the cool metallic Vibrating Bullet between my moist pussy lips and it fitted perfectly nestling against my clit.  Taking hold of the control which was resting on my stomach I pressed the On button, followed by the Function button.

The bullet sprang to life with a continuous hum on my now excited clit.  This felt good but I wanted more.  I progressed through the settings to an escalating mode and let the bullet unleash its worst.  Strong waves of vibration were now causing the bullet to dance on my swollen bud and I was being lulled in to my own sweet Nirvana.

It was then that I became aware of just how big and hard Alex was in peripheral vision.  My attentions were focused on him and I rolled over taking him in my hand and opening my mouth to swallow him.  There were no objections raised as I started to press my tongue against his cock and move my head up and down on his shaft.

Alex moaned and shuffled in to a more comfortable position as I removed the Seven Creations Bullet from between my pussy lips and placed it against his perineum.  Now that did make him moan.  😉

I continued my assailment of his cock, pushing him deeper in to my throat, fucking him with my mouth.  Meantime the bullet was pulsating against his underside.  This was really turning me on and I pressed my thighs together and flexed my hips making my clit roll between my labia.

From the noised escaping from Alex’s throat he was near to coming and he confirmed it moments later when he called out “I’m coming!” giving me the option of having him come in my mouth or on me.  I continued to suck and rub my tongue on his cock as I felt him tense in the clinch of his orgasm.

Then I felt him jettison his spunk in to my mouth…once, twice..three times as he quivered below me.  My reflex action was to swallow every last drop and as he melted back in to the mattress I gently licked him clean as he flinched with his post orgasmic sensitivity.

Removing the bullet from its position between his legs I powered it off and lay it down on the bed between us as I turned on to my side and planted a kiss on his left cheek.

He opened his eyes and smiled, the smile of a satisfied man…

Guess I’ll have to give it another try when Alex isn’t around.  Lol

The Seven Creations Bullet is the perfect choice for any level of sex toy user.  It is quiet but offers powerful vibrations,  is stylish in looks with an easy to operate remote.  Girls if you get one don’t keep it just for yourself.  😉


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.